Assistive Hardware

The Assistive Technology Lab houses a variety of assistive hardware to meet the special needs of its students. Some assistive hardware may be available for check-out on a case by case basis and is handled through the registered student's Disability Specialist.

The Assistive Technology Lab currently has the following assistive hardware available:

Maxim Adjustable Keyboard & Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards

An ergonomic keyboard that alleviates strain on the fingers and wrists. This is a wonderful solution for individuals with Carpal-tunnel syndrome.

BAT Chording Keyboard

The BAT Personal Keyboard is a fully functioning keyboard for use with one hand. The keyboard is easy to use, and operates on an input system called "chording". It is a good Assistive solution not only for one-handed keyboard users, but for students with visual impairments. The keyboard has only 7 keys and finger location problems are eliminated.

Thumball, trackball mice

These ergonomic mice are designed especially for computer users with a limited range of motion and those who may have difficulty with motor control.

Ergonomic, fully adjustable workstations

These adjustable workstations can be raised or lowered by a simple lever to meet a variety of accessibility needs.

Touch Turner

This piece of assistive hardware is perfect for anyone with a mobility impairment, involving a limited range of motion in their arms. It is a hands-free alternative that allows the user to turn the pages of a book or magazine with the touch of a switch.

Juliet Braille Printer and 4x4 PRO Braille Embosser

The Braille Printer is primarily used to braille textbooks, handouts, and tests for students with visual impairments. Both braille printers have the capability to emboss in Grade 1 and Grade 2, in addition to high-resolution graphics and regular resolution graphics for pictures.

TeleSensory magnification systems

A non-computer item, this free-standing unit allows for magnification up to 10x and enhancement of any page of text. Users simply place their newspapers, books, etc. on a mobile platform and magnify the text as much as needed. (Models available: Aladdin Rainbow, Aladdin Ultra Pro 75, Genie Pro, & MiniViewer)

IBM TransNote

This new machine opens like a book to reveal a ThinkPad on one side and a seemingly conventional notepad on the other - all rolled into one small portfolio-sized package. As the user applies the ink to paper, a digital facsimile of the handwriting created by tracking the movements of the pen is captured and uploaded to the ThinkPad; essentially transforming handwriting into text.


An easy to use, lightweight, transportable communication device. It also has the functionality of a portable word processor.


This piece of equipment allows a sighted person to draw or write on a computer or laptop. This hardware (pad) works with the TGD pro software.

ELO Touchsystems Touch Screen

A basic 15" monitor that functions as a touch screen. For people who have trouble with using a mouse or any alternative device that requires movement.