Anthropology of Work and Organizations

Anthropology of Work and Organizations is a field of study that focuses on understanding human labor in culturally specific contexts. Faculty in our program focus on organizational networks and work culture (including NGOs, businesses, private industry, and government agencies), racial and gendered dimensions of work, and conditions of precarity.

As a class project, the Spring 2022 cohort in ANTH4/6418 (The Anthropology of Organizations) produced a book on the anthropology of organizations, available as a free download (pdf file).

Relevant Faculty: Maclin, Feldman, Brondo.

Anthropology in Business

In 2018, the Anthropology Department hosted a two-day workshop on business anthropology at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship on how an anthropology degree can lead to business careers, and how anthropology faculty can help students follow this path. Topics ranged from the ethics of research in a business setting to the details of consumer research.