External Audits

The University is subject to external audits, program reviews, and similar activities by various agencies and other organizations. Policy GE2016 - Notification of External Audits and Reviews sets forth the minimum internal communication required in the event of an external audit or review. Timely and appropriate internal communication with regard to external audits and reviews serves the following purposes:

  1. To prevent the duplication of audit effort.
  2. To ensure the appropriate personnel and office(s) are involved in providing information for the external audit or review.
  3. To ensure the University responds to external audits and reviews and provides notice when required.
  4. Provide notice to the Division of State Audit as it relates to the University's annual audit.

It is the responsibility of the primary contact person for the program or activity being reviewed to notify the Internal Audit Department.

Print a notification form to mail or fax

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