Role & Responsibility

Internal Audit within any organization is uniquely characterized by its role, responsibility, and authority with regard to that organization. Key points include:

  • Objectivity and Independence: Internal Audit must maintain independence and objectivity with regard to all other organizational functions and activities. To provide for the independence of Internal Audit at the University of Memphis, the staff report to the Chief Audit Executive, who reports functionally to the Audit Committee of the University of Memphis Board of Trustees and administratively to the President of the University.
  • Access: The Chief Audit Executive and all internal audit staff are authorized by the Board of Trustees and the University to access all systems, records, property, and personnel of the University in the performance of assigned and expected duties.
  • Professional Ethics and Standards: Internal Audit personnel are required to perform all activities in conformance with internationally recognized professional ethics and standards.

For more information about the role, responsibility, and authority of Internal Audit, please refer to the Institute of Internal Auditors Code of Ethics and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.