Reporting Fraud, Waste, & Abuse of University Resources

Policy: GE2014

University employees are encouraged to view the department as a resource for objective and independent information with regard to any and all University processes, compliance questions, and other administrative concerns, including potential fraud, waste, or abuse of University resources. To learn more about the University's policy on fraud, waste, and abuse a PDF brochure is available at this PDF LINK.

If you have information about activities at the University you believe constitute fraud, waste, or abuse, you may submit a report directly to the University of Memphis Internal Audit department through this website. Options for reporting fraud at the University include:

Reports may be made anonymously. The identity or source of online reports is not tracked in any manner.


If you are a supervisor, department head, or university official and you receive a report of fraud, waste or abuse from any party, do not attempt to investigate or alert suspected employees of an impending investigation, but contact Internal Audit for further assistance.

What is the risk of fraud, waste, or abuse of resources in your department?

Internal audit personnel can help develop a risk assessment for any department or activity. Please contact us at UoM_Audit@memphis.edu or 901.678.2125 for more information.