Automatic Identification @ Memphis

August, 2021 

The 2021 Teacher's Institute will be happening! But in a different format... in acknowledgement of the continuing restrictions and concerns, we have decided to make the 2021 Automatic Identification Teacher's Institute virtual. But not as a boring set of talking head power points recorded in Zoom, but instead as a series of YouTube videos that will be made publicly available to everyone. Being done in a 60 Minutes style, with an introduction and then a series of interviews with leading industry experts, the videos will be delivered in easy to digest, fun, and informative bites. Tailored to educators, students, and the public in general, the videos will still be designed around providing the in-depth coverage of the topics in a vendor and technology agnostic manner, but in a safe and reusable manner that could be easily integrated into your existing class structure as homework assignments.

Please visit (and subscribe to) the AutoID Teacher's Institute YouTube channel so that you can be alerted to when the videos are released. And I will be adding to the playlists on the channel, providing links to other YouTube content that I have run across that I thought would be of interest to AutoID educators and aficionados alike. The AutoID lab would like to thank the Material Handling Education Foundation, the AIDC100, and AIM for their assistance in making this video series possible.