Hooks Institute Publications


Elena Delavega, PhD
Associate Director, Hooks Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, the University of Memphis
2014 Comparative Demographics by Race: Tennessee, Shelby County, and Memphis
2014 Educational Attainment by Race: Shelby County


Daphene McFerren, Steven Soifer, Gregory Washington, Elena Delavega, John Gnuschke
University of Memphis Faculty Fellows
A Call for Collective Action: Tackling Social Challenges in Memphis


Chunrong Jia
University of Memphis
Uneven Magnitude of Disparities in Cancer Risks from Air Toxics


D'Ann Penner
University of Memphis
Overcoming: The Hidden Fury of Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath and Implications for the Future of New Orleans


Conference Overview
The Obama Phenomenon: Race and Political Discourse in the United States Today, Friday and Saturday, April 3-4, 2009

Wilfredo Gomez
Bucknell University
Change Gonna Come: Obama's Rhetorical Genius and its Impact on Hip Hop

Usame Tunagur
Ohio University
Killing Two Birds with One Stone: A Muslim Obama

Stephanie Li
University of Rochester
Barack Obama: In Search of His Father, in Search of Himself

Vernellia R. Randall
University of Dayton School of Law
Racism, Stress and Health: Why Obama's Class Based Approach Won't Eliminate Racial and Health Gaps

Jonathan Sciarcon
University of California at Santa Barbara
Anti-Zionist by Association: Conservative American-Jewish Perceptions of Candidate Obama

Bill E. Lawson
Dept. of Philosophy, University of Memphis
Towards a More Perfect Union: Obama and Colorblind Public

Celia Anderson, University of Memphis
Adrienne Dixson, Ohio State University
"What Are You?" A "Post-Race" Obama America Meets Critical Race Theory

Thandeka Chapman
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Is a Post-Obama Period the Same as Post-Colonialism


Susan Ratner
Integration, School Finance Reform, and Milliken II Remedies: The Time Has Come for Equal Educational Opportunity

Antonia Darder
Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Uncertainty: Forging a New Movement

Barbara Ellen Smith
Across Races and Nations: Social Justice Organizing in the Transnational South

Doug Imig
American Standards for American Children: Mobilizing for Child Care during the 20th Century


Kenneth Andrews
Local Civil Rights Struggles and School Desegregation

Rosalee Clawson, Katherine Tate, and Eric N. Waltenberg
'For Better and For Worse?': Black Opinion on the US Supreme Court Since Brown

Kenneth Holland
Compliance with Brown v. Board of Education: The Role of Elementary Secondary Education Act of 1965

David Meyer
Signals and Spillover: Brown v. Board of Education and Other Social Movements

Charles Payne
The Whole United States is Southern!!: Brown v. Board and the Mystification of Race

Lauren Edelman
Legal Endogeneity and the Limits of Equal Opportunity

Kim Williams
Defying the Civil Rights Lobby: The American Multicultural Movement

Barbara Ellen Smith
Racial Formations in the 'Nuevo' South

Doug Imig
Building a Social Movement for America's Children

Steven Gardiner
The More Things Change: Immigration, Demographics and the Rise of White Identity Politics in America

Kate Kane
Negotiating Difference and Building Community: Race, Nationality and Normatives in Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Civil Rights Activism


Kristopher Bryan Burrell
Would Brown Make It in New York City? The First Phase of the Battle for Public School Integration, 1954-1957

Brian James Daugherity
From Desegregation to Integration: The History of the United States Supreme Court's Historic Green v. New Kent County School Board, Virginia, Decision (1968)

Seneca Vaught
The White Citizen's Council of Montgomery, 1955-1958: The Politics of Countermovement, Moral Culture and Civic Bigotry


Kristopher Bryan Burrell
Emancipation, Elevation, and Education: Black Education in New York City during the 1830's

Kenneth Stuart Jolly
It Happened Here Too: The Black Liberation Movement of St. Louis, Missouri