Business & Finance Strategic Goals & Tactical Plan

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We provide every student with the opportunity to excel.

  • Optimize student support
  • Develop efficient and innovative processes that promote retention and graduation
  • Collaborate with Academic Affairs
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty and staff
  • Provide technology mechanisms to assist students and campus community



Our purpose is to benefit our students and society through knowledge and effort.

  • Provide exemplary customer service
  • Develop and implement processes that decrease our carbon footprint and increase efficiency
  • Create an atmosphere which allows for employee growth
  • Explore and promote work-life balance initiatives into university culture to attract and retain top talent
  • Promote financial sustainability; expand and diversify revenue streams and promote cost savings measures



We consistently seek a better way, and we embrace challenges.

  • Enhance administrative structure that supports research activities
  • Develop mechanisms that promote recruitment of high-quality researchers
  • Develop strategies that allow for collaboration with both internal and external entities on research opportunities
  • Embrace innovation in processes and operations



Everyone is respected, included and given the opportunity to excel.

  • Develop an employee engagement and morale campaign geared towards engaging the entirety of the University community - “We celebrate our employees”
  • Build a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Foster strong economic benefits to the community through purchases from minority, women-owned, disabled veteran, and locally-owned companies
  • Explore methods to retain and recruit a diverse workforce
  • Partner/Adopt with neighboring schools to engage students by creating mentorships for high school, under-represented students to introduce them to higher education.



Integrity, transparency, excellence and the highest standards govern everything we do.

  • Promote transparency and efficiency in all processes and procedures
  • Aspire to attain status of being one of Memphis’ best employers
  • Promote excellence in all processes and procedures
  • Expand participation in Risk Assessment with a strategic focus
  • Hold business practices of University to the highest standards



We seek partnerships both within and beyond the University to enhance our actions and our outcomes.

  • Promote employee participation in community organizations
  • Develop and facilitate processes that are conducive to promoting business partnerships
  • Look for alternative mechanisms to engage the business community
  • Promote utilization of local businesses
  • Maximize opportunities offered through local, national and regional professional organizations