B&F Tactical Plan: Collaboration

We seek partnerships both within and beyond the University to enhance our actions and our outcomes.

  1. Conduct an analysis of University Police staffing/operations utilizing best practices from national organizations, comparison to institutions both current and aspirational and Clery standards. The goal is to allocate resources to support a community policing model that has been discussed but not implemented for quite some time.
  2. Create a stakeholder advisory board separate from ICAT group that will assist and guide implementation of a community policing model. The intent will be enhanced communication throughout the institution focusing on campus safety and partnerships that extended beyond incident response.
  3. Increase academic engagement with graduate assistants, student workers, and utilizing real-world project examples in collaboration with Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Engineering and other programs.
  4. Work with Department of Education to repurpose space for potential industry use through additive manufacturing or industry partnerships that provide UofM internships.
  5. Develop strategies that allow for collaboration with both internal and external entities on environmental, health and safety opportunities.
  6. Implement internal marketing plan “Bring it to Memphis.” (Work now for educational conferences two to three years out.)
  7. Take over meeting room management of FEC meeting rooms on 8/1, and implement external marketing plan. Building new partnerships and relationships with the other FEC building occupants and external stakeholders.
  8. Maintain external client interaction and confidence campaign of our departmental and University knowledge/efforts to have safe meetings when allowable.
  9. Collaborate with UofM Global in the development of billing and accounting for corporate MOU/Contracts.
  10. Identify key components for Memphis’ best employers and compare with our current state of employee engagement and establish a strategic plan to close the gap.