B&F Tactical Plan: Service

Our purpose is to benefit our students and society through knowledge and effort.

  1. Lead the health and safety initiative as part of the return to campus plan.
  2. Implement Maxient software to use for tracking COVID-19 contact tracing as well as to transition all manual processes related to Employee Complaints/Grievances/Performance Improvement Plans and Performance Management Plans into an electronic process.
  3. Roll out the implementation of Electronic Employment Offer Letters for faculty through WorkforUM decreasing the time to process.
  4. Leverage technology with a third-party collection billing provider to increase current collections of outstanding receivables for efficiencies and cost reductions.
  5. Further expand AP virtual card vendor payments to reduce check processing cost and generate additional rebate revenue.
  6. Complete Implementation of new work order management system to automate processing.
  7. Develop and implement a more efficient and cost-effective trash collection and removal process.
  8. Implement Boot Policy for enforcement of unidentified vehicles parked on campus to avoid having to tow the vehicle to offsite tow facility.
  9. Renovate Zach Curlin parking lots 5, 50 and 51.
  10. Create a long-term facility budget for the UC and Rose Theatre to plan for major repairs and upgrades in coming years.
  11. Continue campus standards for sustainability/ products/design aspects/interiors/ architectural to allow innovative design solutions that can be maintained efficiently.
  12. Develop enhanced energy/sustainability savings with LED lighting, window replacements, chiller optimization, HVAC controls and analytics.
  13. Enhance areas of inspection through new techniques and develop technological solutions for completing required training.
  14. Provide in-house document shredding to the campus community to process a greater volume of shredding at a lower cost.
  15. Improve the recycling operation and its ROI by increasing throughput and obtaining a better price for recyclables.
  16. Provide an in-house moving operation for small jobs.
  17. Develop and implement a master plan for the Building Automation Control System (BAS).
  18. Implement e-Contracts for temporary employees creating efficiencies for all University departments.
  19. Implement online completion and tracking of I-9s for all students employed by the University.
  20. Assess and fully integrate Faculty Administrative Services functions within Human Resources to streamline processes and increase services to faculty.
  21. Manage/maintain positive rental property budget with loss of properties due to Stella Project.
  22. Develop and implement a mentoring and peer-to-peer professional development program to increase employee development throughout campus while simultaneously increasing the LinkedIn Learning usage rate among faculty and staff by 30%.
  23. Develop financial and operationally critical dashboards with key metrics for executive reporting that provide monthly/quarterly updates.
  24. Implement Campus Wide Budget Snapshot dashboard.
  25. Continue to review Financial Planning’s processes to increase efficiency. This includes developing workflows for online finance budget revisions currently submitted via paper.