B&F Tactical Plan: Accountability

Integrity, transparency, excellence and the highest standards govern everything we do.

  1. Conduct comprehensive review and update of Business Continuity Plan to ensure preparedness and minimize risk.
  2. Create an automated electronic process for records transmittals, destruction requests and records inventory reports to increase use of ease and eliminate the current paper method.
  3. Collaborate with Business & Finance leadership to review and update policies to reflect current best practice standards.
  4. Lead the rollout and expanded usage of the Chrome River Travel and Expense software; serve as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for travel support.
  5. Roll out Kuali Business Continuity Software campus-wide.
  6. Complete Rental Property strategic plan.
  7. Consolidate and implement a robust and updated Contracts Management Database.
  8. Implement a supplier performance management process that includes appropriately scheduled key supplier reviews.
  9. Implement Quarterly Financial Reporting for the EVP/CFO.
  10. Implement GASB reporting functionality through Banner to eliminate use of Excel.
  11. Implement GASB 87- Leases and GASB 84 – Fiduciary Activities.
  12. Improve Code and Safety aspects of facilities including elevators, fire alarms, generators and installation of lock-down hardware for all classrooms.
  13. Implement CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) with safety and security projects.
  14. Complete campus-wide building inventory and assessment with emphasis on preventive maintenance database creation.
  15. Make progress on new Computerized Maintenance Management System (Phase 1 Assets) with Physical Plant and Space Planning to replace Mapper. Concentrate on procuring software and inputting data into the facility asset/condition section of this initiative and completing the Physical Facility Inventory Survey as required by THEC.
  16. Develop and implement policies and processes that address high hazard areas, equipment and tasks.
  17. Enhance current safety programs and develop future safety programs utilizing risk assessments.