The University of Memphis Board of Trustees adopted a committee structure of three standing committees during its inaugural Board Meeting on March 17, 2017.    Following is the current membership of each of the committees.

Executive Committee

  •  David North, Chair
  • Carol Roberts, Vice Chair
  • Cato Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair 

Academic, Research and Student Success Committee

  • Douglas Edwards, Committee Vice Chair
  • Marvin Ellison
  • David Kemme, Committee Chair
  • R. Brad Martin
  • David North
  • Carol Roberts
  • Provost, Ex-Officio, Non-voting Member
  • Vice President for Research, Ex-Officio, Non-voting Member
  • Vice President for Student Affairs, Ex-Officio, Non-voting Member

Academic, Research, and Student Success Committee Charter

 Governance and Finance Committee

  • Alan B. Graf, Jr
  • Cato Johnson, Committee Vice Chair
  • David Kemme
  • R. Brad Martin
  • David North, Committee Chair
  • Susan Springfield
  • President, Ex-Officio, Non-voting Member
  • Vice President for Business & Finance, Ex-Officio, Non-voting Member

 Governance and Finance Committee Charter

Audit Committee

  • Douglas Edwards
  • Marvin Ellison
  • Alan B. Graf, Jr
  • Cato Johnson
  • Carol Roberts, Committee Chair
  • Susan Springfield, Committee Vice Chair

Audit Committee Charter