2024-25 Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Increase Proposal

Fri May 17 11:05:30 PDT 2024
Fri May 17 11:06:20 PDT 2024
I can’t afford tuition as is, don’t raise it. Cut back on other departments or reevaluate budgets
Fri May 17 11:06:24 PDT 2024
I strongly oppose any in-state tuition increase. I am already barely able to afford this university and I am a Tennessee resident commuter student.
Fri May 17 11:06:54 PDT 2024
Instead of increasing yall decrease it a little bit thats what yall need to do.
Fri May 17 11:07:02 PDT 2024
I believe that reducing administrator salaries would be a more efficient solution than increasing tuition.
Fri May 17 11:07:03 PDT 2024
No. Please don’t increase it. People are struggling to buy groceries as it is right now. Please don’t increase the tuition. 
Fri May 17 11:07:03 PDT 2024
Maybe you should worry more about the crime around campus and cars getting stolen before you start charging us more. Absolutely ridiculous. 
Fri May 17 11:07:15 PDT 2024
We are already struggling to hold our heads above water. The government is making it difficult for us normal people to survive. Increasing tuition is only going to make things worse. 
Fri May 17 11:07:46 PDT 2024
no please don't make it more expensive to get an education :))) 
Fri May 17 11:08:06 PDT 2024
I think that there should be an option for current students to have a set cost and not the survey we missed freshman year but an announcement. Where we can’t miss the survey or opt out 
Fri May 17 11:08:17 PDT 2024
I am not in support of this at all. I don’t believe that students will see or experience anything that reflect an increase in tuition. Y’all want to line pockets. Find another way to do so.
Fri May 17 11:08:50 PDT 2024
This is not a good idea. Many students already struggle to pay tuition. This may not seem like a large increase on paper but in reality many students will find trouble paying the increase.
Fri May 17 11:10:44 PDT 2024
As a faculty member, I have seen us all (fellow faculty) take an effective pay cut by virtue of the fact that our across-the-board raises do not even come close to matching inflation. Meanwhile, I have watched administration salaries balloon. For example, when I first got here, I believe the CAS Dean made $180,000. That is now $300,000. Is the idea, as it has always been, that faculty suffer the budgetary demands when it comes to providing affordable higher education? What was the point in us (faculty!) in achieving R1 status, as we have seen little to no reward for doing such. All the rewards went up top, and then we were told we just "can't afford it." Same tired story as always. When the people providing the same tired narrative are the ones getting the massive raises, then....
Fri May 17 11:11:32 PDT 2024
Do not increase our tuition. It’s hard enough paying for our college. There’s no need to increase it if it’s not going to benefit students
Fri May 17 11:11:45 PDT 2024
I heard that the UofM has already made a lot of budget cuts on existing programs in the University of Memphis that support student life and involvement. If the UofM is already cutting funding, why is there a need to increase funding. If the increase in tuition is to bring back money to programs that it cut then I don't mind the increase, but if the funding goes into programs that help students life and involvement that I don't agree. There has been a lot of tuition increases these past few year, but what I have seen is that there has been a drop in student life, involvement and pride to be a UofM tiger and not to mention that our transfer rate is also very high. I'm frankly upset and hope to see an improvement because the students should a University top priority. 
Fri May 17 11:12:13 PDT 2024
During my four years in college I have not seen any improvements in the things that directly affect students from these proposed tuition increases. I have already seen some student fees increased for my personal college and the equipment inside of our labs is still no where near satisfactory. Until I can see the improvements from an increase in tuition to student labs or student life, I can not support these. The University of Memphis has a majority of its students come from low income communities that are trying to gain a higher education at an affordable costs, the further the university strays from this path the less attention it will receive. 
Fri May 17 11:12:44 PDT 2024
Why raise the tution when half of the students are on scholarships and grants? Shouldn't we propose a raise in grant money and scholarship money? Half of the faculties in the university don't work and are directed instead on events? Shouldn't we propose fixing those buildings? The money for the textbooks don't even work and most students are deeply unsatisfied with the program. Should we fix the charges made first before proposing a raise in tution? 
Fri May 17 11:13:49 PDT 2024
Many of the students at the University of Memphis can already barely afford to both pay to live and attend university. The United States economy is in the mist of a recession and students can hardly afford to pay for groceries on a weekly basis. Raising the cost of tuition is not the answer. If the University is having issues with funding then perhaps pull funding from one of the MANY unnecessary renovation projects around the Universities properties. Raising student tuition is wrong and irresponsible. Your misuse of funds should not be the student bodies’ burden to bear.
Fri May 17 11:15:12 PDT 2024
We already struggle to pay tuition now. The president of our school makes more than the president of the United States. Y’all gave him half a million dollars just to move here. I absolutely do not think tuition needs to be raised, but I know it will be. I’ll see the email when it happens, because these comments and feedback we give won’t change a thing. 
Fri May 17 11:15:16 PDT 2024
The University of Memphis should refrain from increasing tuition prices, especially considering the challenges faced by students on the Lambuth campus in Jackson, TN. These students endure subpar conditions, including inadequate faculty support, a lack of urgency in advising services, absence of essential books, and unprofessionalism. Such adversities undermine the value of the education students receive in exchange for their current tuition fees. It's imperative that the university addresses these pressing issues before considering any tuition hikes, as students deserve a quality education commensurate with their investment.
Fri May 17 11:16:56 PDT 2024
weird behavior
Fri May 17 11:17:17 PDT 2024
Revenue generated from the increase in tuition should at least partially go to the art department, which is historically underfunded and needing of maintenance/updated equipment. The ventilation/HVAC in the art buildings is constantly on the fritz or just doesn't work, which can be hazardous to students’ health, and also just makes it difficult to learn. The ceramics department and the shop need new heat resistant gloves. The photography department is severely lacking in support. The professors can scarcely afford to buy a f***ing pizza for students when there’s a visiting artist talk without having to pool their own money.  Art students paying $200 extra per semester, reap some sort of material benefit and improvement to our conditions. 
Fri May 17 11:17:45 PDT 2024
I don’t want any increase in tuition. 
Fri May 17 11:19:58 PDT 2024
That 84% you speak of includes student loans. You neglect to remember that that amazing number you’re praising doesn’t mean anything when your impoverished student body has to pay that money back once they receive their degree. 
Fri May 17 11:20:58 PDT 2024
Tiger Eats is a complete and utter scam.
Fri May 17 11:21:27 PDT 2024
“The average annual financial aid award at UofM for undergraduate students is $10,505, with 84% of the students receiving some level of financial assistance.” — This ALONE should enough reason to keep tuition as it is. if more than 50% of your students are already in need of financial assistance to attend school, why increase tuition? This will only increase the amount of debt you’re putting onto your students. There is a national inflation happening on the cost of living, we as STUDENTS shouldn’t also have to stress about the cost of attending school or further our education. You can’t expect us to “change the world” if we can’t afford to go to school to learn to do that.
Fri May 17 11:22:31 PDT 2024
You all JUST raised tuition not too long ago. The campus has buildings that are decrepit and health hazards and yet you all ask for more and more money yet these building and facilities lie in shambles. Shame on you, shame on your greediness, and shame on you for taking advantage of your student body. You all should take a look in a mirror and see if you see someone you would be proud of, because I can assure you many of these students would not. It is genuinely disturbing that you all can sit here and repeatedly raise tuition and the campus still has horrible food choices, constantly closed bathrooms and facilities, vending machines that do not function, and constant safety issues. Where is all the money going? Into your pockets? Check yourselves, and remember why you are where you are.
Fri May 17 11:23:38 PDT 2024
The cost to attend Universities is becoming unacceptable. Fueled by the federal government's willingness to financial back nearly any student's pursuit, regardless of the resulting earning potential, has resulted in the University's ability to continually raise tuition to unimaginable levels without repercussion. Inflation and rates climbed throughout 2022-2023, yet the University of Memphis was continually building and expanding campus facilities. A gold mine that won't be shut down until the federal government wakes up. I think an increase is out of touch, largely justified by of claims to having the lowest tuition in the state. I pray for the day Americans wake up and realize, I don't need to pay this much for a piece of paper that is worthless.
Fri May 17 11:22:32 PDT 2024
Why are in state domestic students carrying the weight of this? Why not increase tuition across the board for all students? In state or out, domestic or international?
Fri May 17 11:30:48 PDT 2024
Honestly it's already robbery that education costs this high still. The degrees from american colleges don't carry the same weight anymore. But whatever, yall are gonna increase it if you want to increase it and I'll pay it because unless I want my credits to not count somewhere else, I don't really have a choice. I love what I study so I must accept that my passion will always be exploited, but I also want the university to do well. I guess if the people with more money than they'll ever need would just donate to the university, you wouldn't have to charge even more money to students that are already getting exploited that you full well know can't pay it back. (Talking about freshman straight out of high school that are basically screwed if they don't have daddy's money.) You're telling me yall couldn't figure something else out with those godly brains and paychecks of yours? Just increase the damn thing. I'm just ranting to a wall anyway. 
Fri May 17 11:31:28 PDT 2024
I would like to see an accounting of how the mandatory fee is divided. And I would like to know what fund the additional $24 in mandatory fees will be deposited.
Fri May 17 11:31:46 PDT 2024
Do not raise the costs of tuition/fees. There are numerous facets to raise funding if needed for the University and Im sure many parents and the community would be willing to help. Try this approach first.
Fri May 17 11:32:08 PDT 2024
While I understand the need for higher tuition, inflation has taken over every aspect of the student bodies lives. Between the cost of tuition, housing, food, and additional, very expensive, department and course fees, it is extremely difficult to manage school without taking out major loans. And students who are trying to avoid loans are left floundering to find more time in the day to work multiple part time jobs to afford school while also being an engaged student. While asking for approximately $200 more dollars may not seem like a lot, it can have a major impact on the very delicate balance that so many of us students are trying to maintain. If there are any possible grants that could be applied for or budget cuts that could be made prior to increasing tuition that would be extremely beneficial for the student body.
Fri May 17 11:32:51 PDT 2024
Even with the proposed tuition increase, I believe we are still inexpensive compared to other public universities in Tennessee. However, I believe the distribution of revenue from this increase is important. I received my bachelors from here, and I'm currently in grad school here. During my time here, I have noticed a lack of incoming money to the physical science departments. The buildings that house the biology department and the Earth sciences department are severely lacking and incredibly old. When incoming students see these buildings and the absence of available instruments for research, they are put off. Thus, I propose some of this additional revenue should be allocated to the physical science departments to increase future undergraduates and graduate students. 
Fri May 17 11:33:53 PDT 2024
Scholarships should also go up the same amount if not more to cover the increase. “Some” financial assistance only goes so far, and when tuition goes up there needs to be some thought about that. It just seems like there’s no way to get extra money to cover these expenses in general, and it’s really frustrating to think that people just want college students to be in crippling debt. 
Fri May 17 11:36:31 PDT 2024
No thank you. Higher tuition without higher quality of education is a no for me. 
Fri May 17 11:43:24 PDT 2024
DO NOT RAISE TUITION. Getting an education is already unaffordable for most people, and UofM should be working to make education more accessible.
Fri May 17 11:47:05 PDT 2024
Coming across this information, a part of me immediately wants to oppose it. As I speak for not only myself, but for other students I recognize this proposal to increase our tuition and mandatory is for productive reasons, yet I feel it doesn’t consider all options possible such as seeking out grants and additional government funding to help assist with the objective of this proposal. There are students who currently attend college for an chance toward higher education and find it to come across extra funding toward their tuition - and the increase of tuition and fees poses burdens to their efforts to excel successfully. I support the University’s efforts to provide programs, technology, initiatives, and etc. to help toward our success at the University, but with the increase of tuition, these initiatives will not be valuable if students aren’t able to be there to utilize it because of financial constraints.
Fri May 17 11:51:21 PDT 2024
I believe the increase is appropriate considering the increased costs.
Fri May 17 11:55:02 PDT 2024
This appears necessary for the university to function at its best and provide the level of service needed to students. The increase amounts to ~$400 per year for a full time student, which is very reasonable. 
Fri May 17 11:56:55 PDT 2024
I am concerned about the increasing number of executive positions such as 'Executive Director', 'Assistant Vice Provost', and 'Assistant Vice President' at the University. These roles seem to oversee and lead functions but contribute little to the actual work, which is done by a relatively small number of staff. There are several easily identifiable examples of this phenomenon:
-the current Dean of Students retains a high salary while having shifted most of his responsibilities, which he previously used for pay raises, to other administrators.
-the 'Executive Director of Admissions' is now overseen by an AVP, raising questions about the necessity of so many executives when our enrollment data does not justify their roles.
-hiring a new police chief while also searching for an AVP to supervise the new chief (and another "executive director") seems redundant.
-why do we need an "executive director of campus recreation"? what responsibilities or complexities of the role justify the title and pay?
It would appear that anytime the administration faces an issue or hurdle, they elevate a position to an "executive" or promote someone to an "AVP" role, throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars when really a solution is to have more student-facing  (or customer facing) staff and holding directors accountable for performance. I am concerned that these fee increases will simply result in more of the same, new "executives" with little to no impact on operations and outcomes for students.
Fri May 17 12:05:02 PDT 2024
Lambuth campus shouldn’t get a price increase. We get less resources, less funding, we’re a smaller campus, and we have less options than main campus. If the two campuses were more alike I would understand but main campus has much more resources than Lambuth campus and I’m concerned it’s getting thrown to the side, especially with what happened with the book store being closed all semester.
Fri May 17 12:10:57 PDT 2024
Raising tuition in an economic climate that is already hard for many to survive in would be detrimental to students. 
Fri May 17 12:16:46 PDT 2024
Nobody likes paying more. This is especially unfair to global students with online courses because we also pay for services we don’t even use on campuses we don’t visit.  Where is that money going? 
Fri May 17 12:17:25 PDT 2024
This is a fantastic idea, and much needed. Honestly, tuition should have gone up long ago. 
Fri May 17 12:25:38 PDT 2024
I already had to get loans, and it's hard for me.
Fri May 17 12:25:40 PDT 2024
What about graduate tuition? will that also increase?
Fri May 17 12:41:36 PDT 2024
Maybe don't pay penny so much. He doesn't do anything anyways
Fri May 17 12:42:24 PDT 2024
If tuition going up what’s new? Nothing! What’s the purpose of it going up. Government always cutting funding for education but unlimited funding for law enforcement. 
Fri May 17 12:52:35 PDT 2024
I hate this! School is already hard to pay for.
Fri May 17 13:02:24 PDT 2024
Do you think people just have money to throw away? What about people like me who are trying to get money for scholarships but UofM can’t find money for them or their major department won’t offer them scholarships but want to charge more money from students? Every dollar counts and it may not be that much money to the Board of Trustees but to students, especially undergraduates, it is.
Fri May 17 13:03:53 PDT 2024
Why increase if most students are struggling to work on top of studying to already pay for an education? Seems dumb if you ask me. The increase is supposed to help, but I will need an in-depth of the money going into other parts of this university. 
Fri May 17 13:17:01 PDT 2024
The University made a huge mistake in not raising tuition for too long. Although I admire the idea of protecting students from these raises, we now find ourselves in a crisis mode. New buildings are being built on campus. Meanwhile, we have entire buildings--plural--that have no functioning HVAC, frequent flooding, and mold. We have buildings that are embarrassing to show to the public. We have health and safety issues (beyond the HVAC and mold problems) like stairwells with crumbling steps, fraying carpeting, broken chairs, and more. This tuition increase will only make a small dent on solving these issues, I'm sure, but we can no longer ignore the fact that some parts of our campus are falling apart and putting students, faculty, and staff in danger.
Fri May 17 13:42:47 PDT 2024
I highly doubt that students will personally see any benefit from the UofM raising tuition costs. We have a lot more problems on campus than "promoting well-rounded students" and research. I might very well become well rounded by defending myself on campus from someone trying to steal my car or rob me. Some of the buildings have had construction going on for years, but we get money for the football team...
I think y'all should reconsider where money is being spent (like paying high quality professors) rather than immediately hiking up tuition and putting financial stress on the students (who already need financial aid to pay tuition).
Y'all already jack up pricing on textbooks and convenience stores on campus to make the most money out of us. LOL.
Fri May 17 13:53:35 PDT 2024
No. Dont Increase. This will still be causing a burden on students.
Fri May 17 14:48:38 PDT 2024
Statement on the 2024-25 Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Increase Proposal
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to express my concern regarding the proposed tuition and fee increases for the 2024-25 academic year at the University of Memphis. As a dedicated student of this institution, I believe it is important to highlight the potential negative impacts these increases could have on the student body, particularly those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.
The rising cost of tuition is already a significant barrier for many students seeking higher education. Financial aid, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), often falls short of covering the full cost of attendance. This gap leaves students struggling to make ends meet while pursuing their degrees. Increasing tuition and fees will only exacerbate this issue, potentially forcing students to reconsider their educational goals.
Furthermore, the requirement for students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours to purchase a meal plan presents an additional financial burden. Many students are unable to afford meal plans and must resort to alternative means to manage their living expenses. This requirement can be particularly challenging for students who do not live on campus and already face significant commuting and living costs.
It is also worth noting that students often limit their course loads to stay under 12 credit hours, not out of choice, but necessity. By doing so, they aim to manage their financial constraints and avoid mandatory meal plan expenses. This limitation can delay their academic progress and ultimately hinder their ability to graduate on time.
To ensure that the University of Memphis remains an accessible and attractive option for prospective students, it is crucial to address these concerns. I urge the administration to consider the following recommendations:
1. Reevaluate the proposed tuition and fee increases, taking into account the financial realities faced by many students.
2. Adjust financial aid packages to better cover the actual costs of attendance, including tuition, fees, and living expenses.
3. Reconsider the mandatory meal plan requirement for students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours, providing flexibility for those who cannot afford it.
By making these changes, the University of Memphis can continue to uphold its commitment to providing quality education while ensuring that financial barriers do not impede students’ academic aspirations.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, from a proud university Of Memphis student
Fri May 17 15:02:54 PDT 2024
No don’t do it. What y’all need 2mil for?
Fri May 17 15:10:55 PDT 2024
Dear University of Memphis Administration,
I am writing to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding the potential second tuition increase in such a short period. This decision has severely impacted the student body, compounding the financial burden many of us already face.
Firstly, the mandatory meal plan for full-time students, defined as those taking 12 or more credit hours, is an additional and often unnecessary expense. Many students do not fully utilize these plans, yet we are forced to pay for them regardless. This policy needs reevaluation to better serve the diverse needs and circumstances of the student body.
Moreover, the cost of the Tiger Smart Start book program is exorbitant, and financial aid fails to cover these expenses adequately. This leaves students scrambling to find additional funds or struggling without the required materials for their courses.
There are also significant concerns about the quality of education. Numerous students have reported that some professors lack the capability to effectively teach their courses. When these issues are raised, students often feel dismissed or ignored by the deans and other administrative officials. This lack of responsiveness and accountability is unacceptable. Safety on campus is another critical issue. The rise in crime rates has left many students feeling unsafe attending classes in person. The university has not implemented sufficient measures to protect us, and this inaction has exacerbated our fears of being robbed or assaulted. Additionally, the quality of the campus dining options is questionable. Many students have experienced food poisoning from the meals provided, which is unacceptable given the compulsory nature of the meal plans. Furthermore, the campus lacks engaging events, contributing to a sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection among students.
It appears that the university's primary focus is on increasing revenue rather than ensuring the well-being and success of its students. There is a pressing need for a thorough review of the university's finances to determine whether students are being charged fairly. Furthermore, the performance of the faculty should be rigorously evaluated to ensure that we receive the quality education we are promised and deserve.
The low graduation rates and high dropout and failure rates in certain departments are alarming. This situation demands immediate investigation to identify and address the underlying causes.
I urge the administration to take these concerns seriously and implement necessary changes to improve the academic and overall experience at the University of Memphis. The student body deserves transparency, accountability, and a commitment to our success and safety. Thank you for your attention to these matters.
Sincerely, A Very Concerned Student
Fri May 17 15:54:42 PDT 2024
I do not think that a tuition increase is necessary considering the additional amount received from the state. 
Fri May 17 16:29:25 PDT 2024
Don’t raise my tuition I am poor
Fri May 17 16:41:52 PDT 2024
I believe The tuition is already high enough, adding that 168$ can heavily affect students who are already struggling. me my self I have  car note due every month and i’m balancing school and work 
Fri May 17 18:02:30 PDT 2024
Please don’t raise the fees. Many students will have to drop out due to this. It’s already expensive enough as it is so if you want to keep a majority of your students you’d keep the prices as they are.
Fri May 17 18:50:04 PDT 2024
Those of us who have to pay for school on our own with no familial help already have trouble making ends meet. I personally worked two jobs all of last semester to afford school, even with scholarships, and work every summer and every break in order to afford school. Fee increases add to our burdens and make school more inaccessible for lower income households, even in cases of receiving financial assistance. Please don't forget to consider us in your deliberations.
Fri May 17 19:58:53 PDT 2024
It’s already hard as it is for people to afford college and many are seeking trades because oftentimes or more so when they leave these universities, the accumulation of debt one is in. I say no to increasing the tuition.
Fri May 17 20:32:40 PDT 2024
Why is that you continue to raise tuition, when it is already hard for students to keep up their academic grade averages due to them primarily having to focusing on if they will have the MONEY to keep them in school. Meaning we student are spending more time working jobs and whether it be part time or full time, of working multiple jobs causing individuals to lack the time management and balance for personal life and school. This is absurd, yet the amount of money we put into the school doesn’t even all go back into furthering the education and opportunities to the students. This is what we go to school for to better our lives and and got having university that pours into us, yet the money goes into wasteful things and if they are not it would be slightly good to know at least where all of our tuition money is going. 
Fri May 17 20:41:33 PDT 2024
Fri May 17 21:52:10 PDT 2024
What is the point 
Sat May 18 00:01:41 PDT 2024
I don’t think that is fair to the scholars or the parents of the university. We as a whole are already suffering inflation all across the world from grocery, gas, and transportation in general. & for you guys to add more to the flame is outrageous. If this goes on, let’s all make it fair and reduce the cost of student loans. Only allowing the scholar to pay back the amount they were offered ( with no interest included). If that can’t be done, then why bother raising the tuition for college? Who is this helping? It’s not benefiting the students in any shape or form. I say, no. & I hope that you all consider, how harsh your decisions will affect the students as a whole if you go on and raise the tuition. Stop this madness. 
Sat May 18 06:33:31 PDT 2024
Going to a university is expensive as it is. Most of us are already working 3+ jobs just too survive. How are we going to be able to give back if I still paying off my debt. 
Sat May 18 07:18:16 PDT 2024
Make a new fee for frats boys to the university instead.
Sat May 18 07:55:57 PDT 2024
That is a pretty big jump in price. Starting to feel nickel and dimed.
Sat May 18 16:14:24 PDT 2024
If I could vote, I would vote against the increase. 
Sat May 18 18:19:45 PDT 2024
If student tuition is increased, it is important that a portion of these additional funds be directed towards enhancing and maintaining the campus infrastructure. Students benefit from a safe, clean, and visually appealing environment that supports learning and personal growth. Investing in projects such as improving sidewalk drainage, ensuring buildings are regularly cleaned and well-maintained, and cultivating inviting green spaces throughout the campus can help provide students with a high-quality educational experience. These improvements not only benefit current students but also help attract prospective students and retain faculty members.
Sat May 18 20:47:25 PDT 2024
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Sat May 18 20:47:52 PDT 2024
Sat May 18 21:21:18 PDT 2024
Please do not raise fees. I came to this school as an option for an affordable college experience. There are already so many fees I literally do not have a choice to opt out of when paying tuition, and having fees raised even more is ridiculous. If you all care about the students at all, please do not raise fees.
Sun May 19 06:27:34 PDT 2024
College tuition is already very hard for young adults to manage. Yes there are scholarships and the ability to pay in payments, but what happens if a student doesn’t get one of them? The result could be we lose the creator for the cure of things like cancer or Alzheimer’s simply because they could not afford to study. My proposal would be to look at everything that our tuition is used for and see how we could cut back to save money without raising tuition prices. I love clubs and organizations, but I believe we should keep tuition the same to allow students to be able to get their degrees instead of adding to clubs or organizations. Now, if the tuition increase would solely go to things like educational research, study abroad opportunities, or anything that would benefit educational studies, I would support that. Have a blessed day!
Sun May 19 08:56:13 PDT 2024
The university isn’t upgrading any housing for students or letting them choose their own meal plans or anything.  No. 
Sun May 19 09:20:42 PDT 2024
Definitely no
Sun May 19 11:28:28 PDT 2024
Bad Idea. We are barely able to pay for the tuition that we have at this rate. Matter of fact it should be decreased!
Sun May 19 12:22:22 PDT 2024
Please do not increase tuition most students already has Trouble trying to pay for school UofM is one of the school where you don’t have to continue to take out student loans or make big payments 
Mon May 20 01:23:03 PDT 2024
Don’t increase tuition. It’s already very expensive to go to school. Increasing tuition will require us students to have to get more student loans. Everything already is so high and starting to feel like the state doesn’t want people to receive a degree. 
Mon May 20 07:52:16 PDT 2024
The increases look reasonable on the individual basis and if it will generate the needed capital to continue programs and retain faculty and staff then do it.
Mon May 20 09:33:32 PDT 2024
don’t do it 
Mon May 20 09:52:09 PDT 2024
Grow up! Increasing the tuition in a school that most of the bathrooms are disgusting, food halls is gross and no activities on campus???
Mon May 20 12:25:22 PDT 2024
I feel that this is ridiculous. Tuition is already high and us in-state students do not get as much from the state anymore. It should most definitely not rise!!!
Mon May 20 21:40:19 PDT 2024
Tuition is high as it is! This school can't even offer you a scholarship or a few hundreds to help pay your balance so I don't see a need in this increase. I am transfer student and the school I came from didn't mind helping you out if you needed help. Uofm makes a lot of money but act like they can't do anything to help. Inflation is going on as we speak and a increase on education should not happen. 
Wed May 22 11:38:07 PDT 2024
  While I fully support efforts to contain the rising cost of education, the UofM has focused on being the cheapest for far too long while our competitors have steadily (sometimes drastically) increased tuition. What do we have to show for our bargain basement philosophy? Crumbling infrastructure, services that are severely lacking, and salaries (for most) that are not competitive. Further, the budget cuts from previous years have placed the UofM in a perilous position. I FULLY support this modest increase to support investment in critically needed infrastructure repairs and restoration/creation of services that are expected at an R1 higher education institution. I would also like to recommend that the University develop clearly demonstrable uses of this fee increase. I sincerely hope that the increase will allow for more than simply offset rising costs and mandatory expenditures so that students, faculty, and staff can see and feel the impact of the increase. 
Wed May 22 13:00:00 PDT 2024
  Increasing tuition should not be approved. There are other universities with fully online programs where students can take at least 2 classes at a time that are fully covered by grant money. Whereas, the University of Memphis cannot be attended without the usage of loans for any amount of classes in any semester even with financial aid. I know this because I am now having to retract my application to graduate in the fall of this year due to being unable to pay for the remaining few classes I need this semester and the next. Don't make it any harder for people to afford to take classes and then graduate from this school. It is already too expensive!
Wed May 22 13:39:32 PDT 2024
  Do not increase undergraduate pricing if your just going to give it to athletics. There are other organizations and departments on campus that could use the money. UofM is not broke, the increase is unnecessary. 
Fri May 24 00:31:21 PDT 2024   Hey, my family is struggling to pay tuition as is already without difficulties. That is with a reduced tuition (parent is a faculty member), scholarships, AND taking a loan. You are asking students to drop out at this point
Fri May 24 06:50:32 PDT 2024   Don’t do it! It’s still too expensive and with no aid? 
Fri May 24 12:18:46 PDT 2024   This happening the same year the FAFSA’s changes are is a very unlucky coincidence. Unless this was planned, which I would not put past university administration or the government. That being said students are getting less financial aid and will not be able to afford this increase. Everyone wants budget cut for other necessary positions of the university, but really, the only reasonable thing to cut is the salaries of the top earners.
Sat May 25 17:57:27 PDT 2024   Do not do this. Memphis is a high poverty area.
Tue May 28 12:14:32 PDT 2024  

"The UofM (Rudd) made a mistake keeping tuition the same over the past few years (which we all know he did as a bragging point for him personally). But, now the University is in jeopardy. There is a MASS EXODUS of quality staff leaving due to low salaries, no bonuses, little to no remote work possibilities, and little hope for raises behind 1-3% per year (if we are lucky). The ones who remain are now tasked with A LOT more work as most of the positions were never refilled (due to budget restraints).
We cannot execute some of the basic functions of operation a university of our size, much less dedicate the time and resources necessary to recruit students (that would bring us more money). Your staff is TIRED, under-resourced, overworked, under appreciated, and LEAVING. Yet, more high-level executive jobs are being added with quarter million $$$ salaries, but it is the low to mid management employees RUNNING this place. (The raises should only be given to those making less than 100k PERIOD.) I understand the students' frustration with raising tuition, but because the administration has not run this business properly, we now don't have a choice.
We are also TIRED working in substandard buildings and offices with no air, no heat, CONSTANT flooding, dangerous mold, crumbling infrastructure, and asbestos. It is unhealthy, hurts moral, and sends the message that you just don't care. I know there are faculty and student sides to all of this, but since staff are often overlooked, I thought it was important to share. Not that my opinion means crap. I am a high-performing employee with perfect annual reviews, but not even I care anymore and will do just the minimum to get by since so many others are without any consequences, and doing our job well reaps no benefits--except more work.
All this to say--I understand the increase, but I have little hope that any of the REAL issues affecting our students, faculty, staff, services, and infrastructure will be addressed."