Public Notice – 2021-22 Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Increase Proposal




Tue May 18 15:45:17 PDT 2021   Don't do that! 
Tue May 18 15:45:41 PDT 2021   This is dumb
Tue May 18 15:46:01 PDT 2021   Students are coming out of a pandemic and we have been struggling to make our bills let alone pay for school that is already super expensive. Please do not increase in state tuition.
Tue May 18 15:47:05 PDT 2021   we are broke please don't do this lmao
Tue May 18 15:51:21 PDT 2021   Leave us alone. You already made us go online for a whole year for no reason really, so quit trying to pick from our pockets.
Tue May 18 15:51:33 PDT 2021   Some of us are already being charged $600 per school year for Tiger Eats that we'll never use. Even the smallest increase in tuition could have consequences. If tuition is going to be increased, Tiger Eats should be optional.
Tue May 18 15:52:14 PDT 2021   No
Tue May 18 15:53:50 PDT 2021   This is ridiculous. That's all I can say. 
Tue May 18 15:59:04 PDT 2021   I should have been a plumber. You make us take these mandatory undergrad classes that have nothing to do with our majors and are increasing prices?! 
Tue May 18 16:00:20 PDT 2021   Inflation is rising fast in the US. Price of everything rises with inflation. UM provides high quality instructions so customers will hopefully continue to find the education valuable at the new price levels.  As the proposal states, the fee is not really an increase for online students which are majority of courses for many departments now.
Tue May 18 16:01:06 PDT 2021   The fact of a tuition increase when we are still facing a pandemic is crazy. This is definitely not the time for a increase. families are still getting back on feet from Covid.
Tue May 18 16:02:22 PDT 2021   I am not sure how this will effect me to be honest. I have been a fully online student before 2020. So, if this is going to cost more for us, then I am not on gear for this. It is already a hard time for everyone right now. So, an increase in tuition might not be for the best. If this increase will have a positive financial outcome on behalf of the students (especially online students) then that would be great. I would appreciate it if you all do whatever is best for the students financial needs. I understand that you need funds to support the University as a whole. But, I hope that the students needs are included in that. It has been difficult for online veterans to get used to the influx of students who now desire to take online courses. 
Tue May 18 16:02:28 PDT 2021   Please put into writing how long this no online fee will be taken place. If there's potential of the online fee coming back after the increase then it's pointless. Be consistent and have clarity with this decision of keeping no online fee. 
Tue May 18 16:03:52 PDT 2021   Everyone pays for the collective?  I've got a better idea:  why not get rid of the $300 per semester meal charge.  No?  Would that be because some...signed the contract with the food services company and didn't read the fine print?  You people are...and incapable of being responsible with money. 
Tue May 18 16:05:49 PDT 2021   NO!
Tue May 18 16:08:13 PDT 2021   I do not feel as though the tuition for undergrads should be increased because it is already expensive enough for most people and probably all that they can afford. Therefore, it should just remain the same.
Tue May 18 16:19:34 PDT 2021   I hope graduate tuition is also increased and some of those funds are reinvested in the excellent graduate programs at the UofM. 
Tue May 18 16:28:54 PDT 2021   There is no reason why having zoom classes should require a cent more than the current tuition. 
Tue May 18 16:32:57 PDT 2021   Do NOT increase in-state tuition. Instead, increase out-of-state tuition and do NOT eliminate the $50 per credit hour Online course fee.
Tue May 18 16:34:18 PDT 2021   The university will receive a substantial sum from the  federal government and does not need to raise tuition.
Tue May 18 16:35:14 PDT 2021   Do not agree!!!!
Tue May 18 16:35:28 PDT 2021   I believe that the current student should be waived from this tuition increase. First, many students at the University of Memphis work part-time or full-time and are experiencing economic hardship because of the pandemic. Second, it's not clear to me how this increase in tuition will serve the students better. More explanation is needed. Thank you for your consideration. 
Tue May 18 17:08:27 PDT 2021   I feel like the increase is very unnecessary.. the cost is already expensive enough for instate students .. if you guys go with the proposal you guys may lose students 
Tue May 18 17:10:45 PDT 2021   College is already expensive enough, please don't.
Tue May 18 18:05:09 PDT 2021   No.
Tue May 18 18:07:13 PDT 2021   College is expensive already!! PLEASE STOP DRIVING THE COST UP!!
Tue May 18 18:11:31 PDT 2021   I understand that the price of things cannot stay the same indefinitely, however college is already very expensive. Raising the price even 1.00 is 1.00 less that I have to spend on my family. When will colleges and universities understand that they are pricing the middle class out of a quality education. They leave us with nothing but the opportunity to pile on more debt with the debt we already have. It is quite depressing to see these increases and there seems to be no end in sight. I am paying cash for my classes out of pocket and only sign up for what I can afford. If the classes weren't so expensive I would take more classes at a time. I have two young daughters and it seems that when they get ready to go to college, it will be out of reach for them. This is just American capitalism at its worst. I digress.
Tue May 18 18:16:26 PDT 2021   I say do what you think is best, as long as you eliminate the online course fee and continue to make college affordable. However, be mindful that we are still in a Pandemic and there have been variants going around, therefore causing some people to go and continue online courses/ Hybrid courses. 
Tue May 18 19:37:28 PDT 2021   good increase!
Tue May 18 19:38:21 PDT 2021  

I'm not against raising tuition but we have to be reasonable and logical. Raising the tuition in the middle of a pandemic is not only insulting but degrading as well. As a junior entering the nursing program in the fall, it's discouraging to hear it will become even more costly to the students attending this great institution. There should be a halt to raising tuition so abruptly. Ideally we should wait until there is full economic recovery but that might not be feasible. A happy medium would be to not raise the tuition before the 22-23 fall semester to ensure students can prepare  for the increase.

Tue May 18 19:50:54 PDT 2021   This is bad timing. Families are strained enough from the pandemic and every dollar counts. Also offsetting the increase by eliminating the online fee in not inclusive for the students that do not take online courses. Bad timing...
Tue May 18 21:53:20 PDT 2021   If this is to eliminate the cost of online fees, then make it mandatory that classes be online. That's the only thing that makes sense to me personally. We need to continue to have classes online, ESPECIALLY in a pandemic. So if that's one of the main reasons for the charge, then allow us to benefit by being both safe and AT HOME.
Tue May 18 22:29:46 PDT 2021   Tuition should not go up. Many students have more than 2 jobs to keep up with the tuition. Many of whom don't get financial aid. 
Wed May 19 04:30:05 PDT 2021   I like this idea as a transfer student starting classes in the fall I registered for all online classes for the fall semester so this would be a great elimination of $50 per credit hour for us starting out with online classes 
Wed May 19 06:33:29 PDT 2021   This is fantastic!  A big win for our growing Global/online student population.  Thank you!  
Wed May 19 06:34:56 PDT 2021   This proposal is reasonable, and there are valid reasons for it. We still have one of the lowest costs of undergraduate tuition in the region. With the growth of online-only programs (UofM Global), we are attracting more and more students from outside of our region specifically because of our low tuition and great ratings. I do not have any objections to the tuition increase.
Wed May 19 07:12:24 PDT 2021   The University has over a year and a half to prepare for the upcoming semesters. No students were prohibited on campus for the majority of this time. The fact the university wants to raise our tuition, instead of them properly budgeting while students were forced to pay fees we couldn't even use. I paid technology fees but was unable to use the tech hub, library or anything. Everything was closed down at 5pm. The University instead of charging more tuition should hold themselves accountable and failed to budget a semester with the already expensive college. 
Wed May 19 07:15:00 PDT 2021   Hello. I find that this plan is hurting those who are trying to finish their degree. From someone who does not come from a rich background, I know that the increase in tuition hurts not only me but my parents for that we have to come more out of pocket from money that we could have used from books, gas, etc., on higher tuition and online fees. Keeping the $50 per online credit fee will not only help save more money for books and other supplies, but it will also increase the graduation and retention rates of the university. It will also help encourage future students to take online classes more frequently and reduce any financial burdens that that tuition increase will have on them. It will also prevent the use of numerous student loans being taken out to pay for the tuition hike. As we all know, student loans can be burdensome on their own. They are said to take a majority of someone's lifetime to pay them off. In other words, increased tuition equals more student loans, while decreased tuition equals less student loans.
Wed May 19 08:04:33 PDT 2021   Please decline the attempt to raise fees for undergraduates. Memphis is a below poverty state already and most students are already taking out loans to pay for school that will take us a lifetime to pay back. 
Wed May 19 08:36:21 PDT 2021  

I'm a student, I understand that tuition has to go up sometime, I really do, but I'm a hospitality major, and not only have my fees gone up over the last couple years, but now I am REQUIRED to drive to Cordova to take classes at the culinary institute, and that's an extra expense.  I guess I want people to know that my tuition hasn't gone up lately, but my expenses have gone up, and I don't even understand why I came to live on campus, but now I have to somehow find a ride to Cordova to take a required class. Do other majors have to drive off campus a couple days a week to take class?  Going out there has just been a bad experience this year because there's a really bad teacher, and my classmates told the dean and he got mad at us for telling him that a teacher there that doesn't know what he's doing and is unhelpful.  They even had to go tell the provost who basically said it's not his decision. So I'm driving there, paying extra fees, have a bad teacher, the dean is mad at us, and now tuition is going up? SMDH

I want to say even though there are only a few of us that go out to the culinary institute, like there's hardly ever anyone there, there are a lot of teachers there that are really nice and helpful, so plz don't think them all bad, but having this tuition go up on top of us of everything else rly sux.  Maybe a discount if you are a student but major requires you to go off campus?

Wed May 19 09:28:28 PDT 2021   The tuition does not need to be increased! It will assuage students from pursuing a degree here. Furthermore, all the unnecessary fees from the completely virtual semesters last year should be plenty of revenue. Additionally, the university publicly stated that it is in the best financial standing its ever been in this year. 
Wed May 19 10:56:21 PDT 2021   Currently, there are so many people/families impacted economically by the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, increasing the tuition right now may create an undue hardship for students. Thank you.
Wed May 19 11:38:29 PDT 2021   Do not raise in-state or out-of-state tuition. Students who need financial aid and other support have a hard enough time paying for fees. For the semesters of the year 2020-2021 is the first time I have had to pay out-of-pocket fees for each semester. That has never happened to me before (and I have had scholarship and/or grant opportunities included and still had to pay fees before their deadlines). The tuition should not be raised any more than it already has. Figure it out. A $72.00 increase is a lot for college students.
Wed May 19 11:45:05 PDT 2021   Streamlining financial services for students is always a good idea. 
Wed May 19 12:52:24 PDT 2021   This is COMPLETELY DUMB!! College is already EXPENSIVE enough!! I am working 2 jobs to cover my tuition AND still being a full-time student! Instead raising the Tuition, RAISE AND CREATE MORE SCHOLARSHIPS 
Wed May 19 13:01:30 PDT 2021   At a time when the national student debt crisis is looming over the country, it is extremely disappointing that the University of Memphis is making young students shoulder the weight of poor fiscal circumstances created by the university itself. I hope that when this tuition proposal inevitably passes, the university will equally increase the financial aid it distributes to its students, assuming the university does in fact care about its students rather then maintaining an increasing revenue stream.
Wed May 19 13:11:06 PDT 2021   I think is purely a money grab, plain and simple. As a university, the largest of its kind in the area and the only one that many students can get into, you effectively have a monopoly over higher education in the Memphis area. As such, by raising the price of undergraduate tuition, you make more money for yourself while inconveniencing undergraduate students for no benefit to them. I can garuntee that none of this extra tuition will go to improving the college and will, instead, go to lining the pockets of the university. You should be genuinely ashamed of yourselves.
Wed May 19 17:35:48 PDT 2021   As a current student at Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis, this saddens me greatly. My tuition is extremely expensive for that program as is, and with the exception of the HOPE Scholarship, the only scholarship I am receiving is the Presidential Scholarship for University of Memphis. I have been paying subsequently more for tuition every semester since starting at U of M in Fall of 2018. My first semester, I got back nearly a $300 refund that I then used to buy my textbooks. Every other semester, I have had to pay at least $150 out of pocket for tuition on top of my expenses for nursing books and clinical supplies, which are not cheap. For the first semester of nursing alone, my books and clinical supplies from the University of Memphis bookstore cost me nearly $1500 out of pocket! In addition, I used to save my Tiger Eats Dining Dollars because I liked getting them back as a refund at the end of the school year to put towards tuition and books for the next semester. However, I was sad to find out this would not be the case any further, and so my dining dollars for the 2021-2022 school year went to waste because the few days I was on the LCON campus due to almost all of our classes being online due to our large cohort size, the one cafeteria style option we had was closed, and none of the LCON vending machines accept our student ID as a form of payment. I honestly can say I am disappointed that the University of Memphis spent a large majority of its stimulus money from the government on building a new state-of-the-art indoor football field and yet those of us students who strive in academics yet are not athletically inclined do not seem to get the same appreciation or financial aid. Thank you for your consideration.
Wed May 19 17:49:14 PDT 2021   I am against the proposal for increased tuition because I am a student working part time and already struggle to pay for tuition as is, and I don't get any of the scholarships I ever apply for. 
Wed May 19 18:14:07 PDT 2021   Take this amount of of the required tiger eats fund that I can never find myself able to spend. Especially for online students who are never on campus. That makes more sense. I do not think tuition needs to be increased. 
Wed May 19 18:32:10 PDT 2021   right now it is not a good time to increase cost. even financially stable, it is not fair.  no one wants another major issue that has already impacted his or her life.  let more time pass until everything is normal 
Wed May 19 21:30:37 PDT 2021   Please do not increase tuition. I attend Loewenberg college of nursing and we aren't even provided any dining options besides one cafe. Most people chose memphis because of affordability. 
Thu May 20 08:05:05 PDT 2021   Many students are barely able to afford college currently and do not qualify for aid. 
Thu May 20 10:26:27 PDT 2021   Absolutely not. I understand the importance of funding of our school and that it appears to not be a significant increase for individual students, however some of us fight for every dollar. We fight and count on financial aid for the sake of our education and bright future. There is an argument to be made to increase tuition for that exact reason, but I would strongly advise and hope you would pursue other avenues of funding.
Thu May 20 13:59:36 PDT 2021   literally never even been to campus but go ahead and raise my tuition. Why don't you have a meeting about the 300 i pay in tiger eats that I've never used 
Thu May 20 17:33:18 PDT 2021   Tuition should not be raised especially for online classes. This is not fair to students who do not utilize online classes and quite frankly it is time to get back to normal and return to face to face all across the board. 
Fri May 21 23:30:11 PDT 2021   College is expensive enough. This is getting ridiculous seriously. 
Sat May 22 07:52:12 PDT 2021   No the tuition does not need to go up not a year after the pandemic and not during the pandemic still.
Sun May 23 19:44:08 PDT 2021   I do not agree with this statement. Students already have an issue paying the tuition they already are faced with. Like me, I have to take loans out to pay for my schooling. Interest rates only increase each and every year, I do not need tuition to increase. In order to keep students, tuitions needs to be kept the same or even lowered. 
Wed May 26 01:11:22 PDT 2021   I do not believe that it is the the best interest of the students to increase tuition. I've honestly never understood why online classes cost more in general when it is less hassle as well as a lower quality experience due to the student not receiving hands on learning experience. Honestly, the university seems to be charging more simply for the convenience which simply is unfair. We as students are struggling financially due to the pandemic. I don't find it to be wise to raise the price of tuition at this time. If anything why not find a way to remove the $600 meal plan that we are forced to have and use that money for the betterment of the university. Reallocate those funds towards something like the custodial staff, part time faculty wages,  healthier non processed food options, or better yet letting us choose when we do and don't want to spend on food. We could be using that money towards books or something that will be more beneficial. I understand that we have not had an increase in tuition in 3 years, but doing this at a time like this would simply be inconsiderate and selfish. We are the ones paying, so why does it seem that our voices aren't heard, and that we do not get a say in what our money is being used for. Things seem to be in the best interest of the trustees and not the students. 
Wed May 26 08:07:49 PDT 2021   I am a Non-Traditional Student that has to rely on loan or self pay for Tuition. I am a working adult that has use online courses to further my education. The increase for me will delay successfully completing my degree. College is not affordable for most us , and it leads to dropping out or giving up due to the hardship of financing a degree. Please keep those of us in mind that has to use Payment Plans, Loans, or any other means for furthering our education. I am currently a Junior in college and has only about 27 hours to completion, and at this time self pay for college.
Wed May 26 22:37:40 PDT 2021   I do not think the tuition should be increased. As students, we already have so many miscellaneous fees. For instance, I had a physics lab fee(during the pandemic) and I never step foot into a physics class room.  I never used any material provided by the school or anything if that nature but was still charged for it. Also, a good amount of on-campus jobs are still paying $7.25. This is something that should be increased. Making that amount of money bi-weekly is barely enough to afford groceries. With that being said  I don't think we should have a tuition increase because it will add to the stress of  not only paying for school but also being able to support yourself on campus.
Sat May 29 22:14:38 PDT 2021   Please do not raise tuition, not even 1.00 dollar.  UofM tuition is higher than other comparable TN colleges, such as APSU's 280.00 per credit hour; University of Tennesse's 378.00 per credit hour, and University of Chattanooga's 294.00 per credit hour. I think that the board would better serve the student body by focusing on DECREASING tuition. Please make it more affordable for local Memphians who have to overcome many financial obstacles and often struggle to pay for higher education.  
Sat May 29 22:25:21 PDT 2021   The University of Memphis is too high. Do not raise tuition. This is not Harvard, UCLA, nor Yale. Many of the students come from Memphis which is full of residents that live at, or below, the poverty line. Our access to higher education should not be denied because we can not afford to better our lives through education. Please reconsider raising tuition. It is unnecessary. Just because you all have not raised tuition in a couple of years, unlike other colleges, does not justify the raise. Other colleges can raise their rates because they are 100.00-200.00 dollars/credit hours cheaper than UofM. Rework the budget, get rid of wasteful spending, and reduce exorbitant salaries.