Michael Mackay

Instructor; Statistical & Methodological Consultant

Ball Hall 304A
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About Dr. Mackay

Dr. Mackay's position comprises three roles:

  1. He is the instructor of graduate-level courses in statistics (EDPR 7/8541; EDPR 7/8542; EDPR 8549), research methods (EDPR 7521), and psychometrics (EDPR 7/8511).
  2. He provides consulting services to faculty and graduate students in the College of Education, assisting with research design and statistical analysis.
  3. He is the Director of Research for the University of Memphis Institute on Disabilities, and its underlying TigerLIFE program.

Current Avenues of Research:

  1. Predictive Validity of Rehabilitation Counselor Credentials
    We are examining whether counselors with a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling end up having higher job-placement rates for clients than counselors with other types of degrees.

  2. Careless Responding in Online Survey Research
    We are exploring seven different ways of encouraging study participants to carefully answer survey items in order to prevent the collection of poor-quality data. The study particularly focuses on participants recruited via crowdsourcing websites such as Amazon Turk.

  3. Structural Validation and Development of Norms for the ATTID Scale
    The study uses a large, geographically representative sample to confirm the dimensional structure of the Attitudes Toward Intellectual Disability Scale (ATTID)


Ph.D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology - University of Memphis - 2013
M.Sc. Psychology - University of Florida - 2009
B.Sc. Psychology - University of British Columbia - 2005