Campus Community Fund


Description & Eligibility

  • The purpose of the Campus Community Fund is to fund programs and events that positively impact the University of Memphis campus community, which includes students, faculty and staff.
  • Grant applications to the Campus Community Fund may only be submitted by a faculty or staff member of the University. (Students seeking funding should follow Student Event Allocation Guidelines & Procedures)
  • Grant funds will not be used for the purpose of salaries or research.
  • Individual grant amounts will be awarded up to $2,500. The number of grants awarded each year will vary based on availability of funds and the number of grant applications received.
  • Grants will be evaluated and recommended by the Corporate Strategy Council with final approval by President Rudd.

Application Components

  • Point of contact name, title and contact information (email and phone)
  • College or unit
  • Project/event title
  • Project/event description/intended audience
  • Impact and anticipated outcomes
  • Time, date, and location of event(s), if applicable
  • Detailed line-item budget with confirmed/anticipated sources of revenue and planned expenses.
  • Sponsor benefits

Application Process

  • Annual Campus Community Fund grant application deadlines are as follows:
    • May 17 for activities that occur between July 1 and December 31
    • September 30 for activities that occur between January 1 and June 30 of the following calendar year
  • Fund requests will not be reviewed unless they are 100% complete. It is imperative that all requested information is complete and accurate.
  • Requests submitted after the published deadline will considered for the next funding cycle.
  • Grant applications will be reviewed by the Corporate Strategy Council with notification decisions by July 1 for the May 17 cycle and December 1 for the September 30 cycle.
  • Available funds are limited and will be allocated based on the strength of the application, anticipated impact, and likelihood of successful execution.

Additional Funding Guidelines

  • Approved grant funds must be used for the program for which they are allocated. If the program is not held, the funds will revert to the Campus Community Fund account.
  • In accepting the grant, applicants must commit to the requirements as outlined by the Corporate Strategy Council in the grant award letter, including a brief post-program/event summary and evaluation presentation delivered to the Corporate Strategy Council during the monthly council meeting.
  • All marketing and promotional materials must state, "Sponsored in part by the Campus Community Fund" unless otherwise indicated in the grant award letter.

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