College of Education Faculty and Staff

Meet the renowned faculty and award-winning staff in The College of Education from each of our departments:

Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research (CEPR)

Department Chair

CEPR Faculty

CEPR Staff

  • Jennifer Mueller
  • Melynda Whitwell
  • Susan Kasperbaur Mascari

Instruction & Curriculum Leadership (ICL)

Department Chair

Chair of Excellence

ICL Faculty


  • Brenda Woods, Business Officer
  • Shelby Lynn Tate, Academic Services Associate
  • Debra Nichols, Office Assistant

Leadership (LEAD)

Interim Department Chair

Leadership Faculty 


  • Janet Robbins, Administrative Associate
  • Marsha Price, Administrative Associate
  • Paige Taylor, Administrative Secretary
  • Mae-Lynn Germany, Research Coordinator
  • Ashlesha Lokhande, Research Coordinator
  • Leslie Vanelli, Project Associate