Disabled Guests

parking and seating information 

  • A specially designated drop-off location for disabled patrons is located on the north side of FedExForum, off the Beale Street alley which can be reached by turning eastbound off Third Street, which runs one-way north.
  • Parking for guests with disabilities is available in the FedEx Forum parking garage, and the Linden Avenue marshalling area. All vehicles must have a current state-issued hang tag or license plate.
  • Handicapped Services, including wheelchairs, can be obtained through the FedEx Forum Customer Service Department or by visiting the Commencement table, both located in the Grand Lobby. Elevators are available.
  • Seating for hard of hearing is reserved in seating section 115. An interpreter for the deaf is present at all ceremonies. The first row is reserved and only one guest is permitted to sit with the guest in this row.

Security Checkpoint at FedExForum

Walk-through magnetometers were installed at FedExForum under the premise of being used at all Memphis Grizzlies games, as per an NBA mandate conceptualized this summer during league security meetings. The magnetometers have become an industry standard across MLB, NHL and NFL venues and their use will now be mandatory for every FedExForum event in order to improve fan safety and guest experience, a shared goal between FedExForum, the University of Memphis and touring production companies.

To ensure your Commencement ceremony is enjoyable for you and your guests, please note the following:

• Guests are advised to bring ONLY necessary items to the FedExForum during events, concerts and games.

• Separate express lanes will be available for guests in the Grand Lobby without bags to be inspected.

• Guests will not need to remove their hats, shoes, belts, watches or jewelry as with airport security. Instead, guests will have to place their cell phones, cameras and keys on a security table prior to walking through the metal detector.

• Expectant mothers, those with pacemakers and ADA guests are not subject to the magnetometers and will instead be screened through handheld devices."