Step 4 (Attendance/Non-Attendance Form)

The Attendance/Non-Attendance Form (STEP 4) is required and should be completed by all graduating students (undergraduates, masters, specialists, doctoral and law (Law only have to complete this in August and December) within the semester they are graduating. Graduates attending and not attending the ceremony must complete the form. Attendance and non-attendance is collected by semester, so only the current semester graduating student fills out the form. Ceremony attendance information will be collected by the Commencement Office. Watch for an email to your UofM account during the semester you are graduating from our office. 

Current semester graduates 

Login HERE. An email confirmation will be sent to your Memphis email account within seconds of completing the form. Check your Memphis email for the appropriate guidelines and deadlines to complete YOUR Step 4 Form. The form allows you to:

  • REQUIRED if you ARE attending or NOT attending
  • Reserve your seat at the ceremony/ Decline your seat for Commencement
  • Confirm your name and any honors are displayed accurately in the Commencement Program
  • Complete the graduating student survey
  • Bring the confirmation page with you to Cap and Gown distribution to receive your pronouncer card and cap/gown rental set  (those attending)

When can I submit my form? 

Time frame for the required Step 4 Form:

  • May graduates should receive the form in late February 
  • August graduates should receive the form in late June/July
  • December graduates should receive the form in late September/early October