December 2019 Morning Commencement Speaker - Sarah Janne LaPidus

Sarah Janne LaPidusSarah Janne LaPidus, magna cum laude
Bachelor of Arts
College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah LaPidus is an Anthropology major and an Art History minor. She was born and raised in Riverton, NJ. Sarah later moved to Syracuse, NY, Evansville, Ind, and eventually settled in Clifton Park, NY. She came to Memphis for her great love and respect for the city, as well as its excellent anthropology program, which drew her eye because of its close proximity to the Egyptology program.

Sarah is an Egyptologist at heart and found her passion in this subject during early childhood. She grew up visiting every museum and library she had access to. With the aid of her parents and younger brother, she grew to become an accomplished scholar in the fields of Egyptology and archaeology. She has attended field schools in the United States and even abroad in Menorca, Spain, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sarah will be traveling to Egypt in the spring for her first job as an Egyptologist. Afterwards, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue a degree in either Egyptology or Bioarchaeology.