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The Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at The University of Memphis is a State of Tennessee Center of Excellence. Since 1989 we have been committed to improving education by serving as a valuable resource in educational research, evaluation, and consultation.

One major focus for CREP is to plan and conduct high-quality studies to determine "what works" in schools across the nation. As national education policy shifts, CREP strives to provide up-to-date, relevant data useful to both schools and policy makers.

In addition to this research focus, CREP assists schools and districts in building the capacity and ability to attain NCLB Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards. The tools and strategies that CREP has developed as part of its Formative Evaluation Process for School Improvement (FEPSI) have become primary sources of assistance for schools across the nation. These school improvement tools address critical factors such as teaching methods and quality, school climate, bullying, teacher support, parent and community involvement, technology usage, program implementation, and student achievement.

We have a large and diverse staff of researchers, practitioners, and statisticians. As a nonprofit University-based research center, we take pride in combining scholarship with personalized practical services. We take each project from start to finish, using a willingness to collaborate with external organizations and interdisciplinary research teams, our own professional expertise, and our highly customizable solutions. From project design to making decisions based on results, CREP supports you by listening, answering questions, and providing objective research-based advice.