Success Stories



Sankaet Pathak

Synapse is the only banking as a service platform enabling companies to launch feature complete deposit, credit and crypto products in weeks. They are currently located in San Francisco and are backed by VC firms a16z, Trinity Ventures, and Core Ventures with multiple other investors. Sankaet Pathak, Synapse's CEO and founder, is an graduate school alumnus from UofM, and spent his company's formative years working from an office in the Crews Center. He later graduated and moved the company to San Francisco to hire key talent after their first round of investment from members of the Crews Center Advisory Council. Synapse has raised over $50MM in venture funding to date.






Upsquad Logo

Venki MandapatiUpSquad is on-demand custom branded social community and engagement platform for your organization to connect, communicate and collaborate. They are currently headquartered in Memphis and have raised over $1MM in angel investments to date. Upsquad was originally known as "Careerquo" before rebranding after a change in strategic direction. Upsquad was founded by Venkatesh Mandapati, an MBA and BIT graduate student at UofM. Venki started his company at an Ideas Weekend event where it began as an online platform to help international students prepare for interviews. 







Isaac Rodriguez

Dr. Isaac Rodriguez has 15 years of experience in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and biomaterials. After graduating with his doctorate, he moved to Memphis where he spent 2.5 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Memphis. While at the UofM, Dr. Rodriguez co-invented the patented honey biomaterial technology that has now become the basis for SweetBio’s product lines. To date, SweetBio has received several patents and raised over $1MM in investments.







Edesia logo

Kareem DasilvaKareem Dasilva started at the Crews Center as a freshman, helping to create mobile apps with other entrepreneurs. He went on to found Poeen.com, a team of 12 mobile app developers that performed contract software development work for businesses. After a time, they realized they should be building their own app, and so...they came up with Edesia to help food truck owners and customers improve the food truck experience. Edesia has raised over $100,000 in angel investment to date.