How Do I Find an Entrepreneurial Idea?

For some, coming up with lots of ideas is easy and happens whether they want it to or not. For others, it is difficult to think of an entrepreneurial idea to work on. Regardless, there is a better way to get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

*****Psssst, come over here and listen closely: we have a secret to tell you.*****

You don't start with an idea.

Say WHAT? That's right, you don't start with an idea! You start with identifying a problem that people are experiencing. Ideally, you find a problem that people are experiencing that is enough of a problem that they'd pay to solve it. This is a key entrepreneurial skill called opportunity recognition. So, how do you find these ideas and how do you learn how to recognize opportunities? 

It's easier than you think. Seriously! If you want to learn how to identify opportunities, it's going to take more than a Google search or a quick podcast or two. Fortunately, this is one of many things we do at the Crews Center! You can learn more by checking out our Ad-hoc Mentoring Program or learn how to think like an entrepreneur by pursuing an Entrepreneurial Thinker certification from our Emerging Entrepreneur Institute. If you want to start in a more casual way, meet with one of our Crews Center Student Ambassadors to learn how to get involved with the entrepreneurial community, attend one of our Crews Kickbacks to meet others like you, or pop into an Idea Hackathon event to group-think your way to exciting new innovations!