Past Interns

Fall 2022

  • Daron Adams - Lowe's
  • Tareq Alyousef - Amazon Web Services
  • Treveon Banks - Kellogg's
  • Matiwos Birbo - Concert Genetics
  • Andre Brumfield - UMRF
  • Zachary Burgess - UMRF
  • Josh Glaser - Motivating Systems
  • Adam Jones - UMRF
  • Sharat Kolipaka - FedEx Express
  • Vu Le - UMRF
  • Marshall Lussier - UMRF
  • Folusho Morafa - The Conrad Pearson Clinic
  • Thomas Phan - Plough Foundation
  • Josh Santos - UMRF
  • Jonathan Taylor - UMRF

Summer 2022

  • Rabin Banjade - Philips
  • Thomas Cazort - International Paper
  • Priyanka Chilakalapudi - FedEx Services
  • Sha'nya Conaway - UMRF
  • Navid Imran - UMRF
  • Vamshidhar Komatireddy - FedEx Services
  • Vu Le - UMRF
  • Yamika Pendly - FedEx Services

Spring 2022

  • Kamal Allouzi - UMRF
  • James Brady - UMRF
  • Sha'nya Conaway - UMRF
  • Jose Cupido - Southern Bride
  • Cheyenne Houston - FedEx Employees Credit Association
  • Kelmarthony Jenkins - UMRF
  • Shahzeb Kazmi - Just City 
  • Vu Le - UMRF
  • Marshall Lussier - UMRF
  • Kathy Nguyen - Just City 
  • Yunhuo Ni - MCR Safety
  • Josh Santos - UMRF
  • Adrian Williams - UMRF
  • Alec Williams - ThoughtWorks 
  • Isaiah Williams - Tennessee Valley Authority

Fall 2021

  • Scott Baxter - AutoZone
  • Keaton Burleson - FedEx Express
  • Stephano Casuso - Virtuality
  • Thomas Cazort - Germantown Municipal School District
  • George Chen - Farmers Insurance
  • Jose Cupido - Southern Bride
  • Serena Dean - UMRF
  • Josh Glaser - Motivating Systems
  • Souad Hadidi - People Shores
  • Blake Hastings - First Touch Payment Solutions
  • Marshall Lussier - Domino’s Pizza
  • Arielle Morris - UMRF
  • Christopher Nguyen - FedEx Services
  • Sahil Patel - First Touch Payment Solutions
  • Spencer Pursley - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Brandun Spearman - Lehman-Roberts Company
  • Dalton Thomas - TBDN
  • Randy Tran - Vanderbilt University
  • Sai Tummala - Inteliroute
  • Walt Williams - Microsoft Research

Summer 2021

  • Rodrigo Borges - FedEx Services
  • Md Hawlader - Google
  • Md Lutfar Rahman - Facebook
  • Kara Straub - UMRF
  • Sai Tummala - Inteliroute
  • Azim Ullah - Amazon

Spring 2021

  • Laith Alabdalla - UMRF
  • Waseem Alghunaim - UMRF
  • Hannah Atkins - Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
  • Corey Bedell - Apple
  • Keith Burks - UMRF
  • Avery Clary - Memphis Zoo
  • Ilyas Egal - UMRF
  • Jaya Palusum - UMRF
  • Rabie Rabie - Intel

Fall 2020

  • Kranthi Battu - FedEx Services
  • Jeremy Clark - FedEx Services
  • Namita Fnu - FedEx Services
  • Michael Methvin - Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI) Visualization Laboratory
  • Mark Mills - Docazoo LLC
  • Christopher Nguyen - Edesia
  • Rabie Mohamed Rabie - Intel
  • Jonathan Snider - FedEx Services

Summer 2020

  • Taylor Hendrickson - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Sahil Nokhwal - Intel
  • Rabie Mohamed Rabie - Intel

Spring 2020

  • Catherine Coleman - Lokion Interactive
  • Tyrone Parker - Baptist Memorial Healthcare
  • Nicholas Roberts - FedEx
  • Utsav Shrestha - UMRF Ventures, Inc.

Fall 2019

  • Robb Aquadro - Green Mountain Technology
  • Kristin Davis - Shelby County Schools
  • Henry Fyfe - Green Mountain Technology
  • Mykaila Johnson - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Rashaad Jones - Monogram Foods
  • Anik Khan - ReTrans
  • Adam Losher - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Nathan Martin - ManTech
  • Stephen Rogers - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Pradeep Sambu - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Sajib Sen - ReTrans
  • Gabriel Short - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Jada Thomas - International Paper
  • Benjamin Young - Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division

Summer 2019

  • Soujanya Chatterjee - Samsung Research America, Inc.
  • Anik Khan - ReTrans
  • Ryan McKinstry - COMP Performance Group
  • Varun Negandhi - FedEx Services
  • Nazir Saleheen - Samsung Research America, Inc.
  • Pradeep Sambu - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Utsav Shrestha - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Neha Sinha - FedEx Services

Spring 2019

  • Malcolm Bryant - MLGW
  • Jackson Burnett - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Mark Delk - SandStorm IT, Inc.
  • Ashok Gadde - Conch Technologies, Inc.
  • Michael Hollister - CrossBrowserTesting
  • Dung Le - International Paper

Fall 2018

  • Suhaib Al-Rousan - FedEx Services
  • Val Ault - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Michael Bowman - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Rex Browning - UofM Bioinformatics
  • Malcolm Bryant - MLGW
  • Jackson Burnett - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Noah Coomer - The Social Exchange
  • Mark Delk - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Brandon Ellis - Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
  • Hal Floyd - Fastenal
  • Hudson Gribble - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Naim Hakeem - Poeen.com
  • Marshal Hayes - FedEx Express
  • Taylor Hendrickson - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • William Jabbour - FedEx Services
  • Adam Losher - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Rylan McCarty - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Ayushi Mehta - Intel
  • Nicolas Pizarro - Hilton Corporate
  • David Reddick - Hilton
  • Obsa Siyo - FedEx Services
  • Kaveon Smith - Express Scripts
  • Alejandro Torres - View
  • Peter Zhang - Autozone, Inc.

Summer 2018

  • Suhaib Al-Rousan - FedEx Services
  • Adithya Chakilam - FedEx Services
  • Soujanya Chatterjee - Samsung Research America, Inc.
  • Zannatul Firdous - UMRF Ventures, Inc.
  • Ashok Gadde - Conch Technologies, Inc.
  • Kishor Gupta - Micro Systems Engineering, Inc.
  • Sai Manikonda - FedEx Services
  • Ayushi Mehta - International Paper
  • Diem-Trang Pham - DNAnexus
  • Maxwell Skenandore - UofM Computer Science Department
  • Alejandro Torres - View
  • Peter Zhang - Autozone, Inc.

Spring 2018

  • Chase Cook - CrossBrowserTesting
  • Coby Glass - Colonial Pipeline
  • Sharif Tanmay - Sandow
  • Peter Zhang - AutoZone, Inc.

Fall 2017

  • Brian Peterson, undergraduate - NexAir
  • David Reddick, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Matthew Weihl, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Peter Zhang, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.

Summer 2017

  • Mohammad Shamim, graduate - FedEx Services
  • Sai Chand Upputuri, graduate - Populus Group LLC
  • Ryan Wickman, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.
  • Peter Zhang, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.

Spring 2017

  • Miguel Betances-Lee, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Chandra Sekhar Challapilla, graduate - Shelby County Government IT Services
  • Kareem Dasilva, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.
  • Irfan Rahman, undergraduate - University of Memphis
  • Borhan Samei, graduate - Innova
  • Jared Thomas, undergraduate - Rainmaker Networks
  • Sai Chand Upputuri, graduate - Populus Group LLC
  • Peter Zhang, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.

Fall 2016

  • Rong Qi, graduate - Intel
  • Borhan Samei, graduate - Innova
  • Lindsey Warren, undergraduate - FedEx Services
  • Kevin Williams, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Peter Zhang, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.

Summer 2016

  • Alex Austin, undergraduate - GE Capital
  • Rajendra Banjade, graduate - ZeroChaos
  • Tharun Bejawada, graduate - FedEx Services
  • Saikat Das, graduate - Fleet Safety
  • Heather Duke, undergraduate - FedEx Services
  • Jacob Ellis, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Shanshan Gao, graduate - Facebook
  • Soumya Medapati, graduate - FNC, Inc.
  • Stephen Moo-Young, undergraduate - Quantum Edge
  • Kamrun Naher, graduate - AutoZone
  • Lei Pi, graduate - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  • Josh Restuccio, undergraduate - Windfall Revenue Solutions
  • Ruchi Ruchi, graduate - Express Scripts, Inc.
  • Borhan Samei, graduate - Innova
  • Michael Slauson, undergraduate - International Paper
  • Megha Vashisht, graduate - FedEx Services
  • Kevin Williams, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Peter Zhang, undergraduate - AutoZone, Inc.

Spring 2016

  • Kyle Kalmon, undergraduate - ALSAC/St. Jude
  • Adam Taylor, undergraduate - 8th Day Software and Consulting
  • Kevin Townsend, undergraduate - U of M Department of Bioinformatics
  • Ruze Zhou, undergraduate - Germantown Parks and Recreation

Fall 2015

  • Austin Feldvebel, undergraduate
    ALSAC/St. Jude
    "My main project has been dealing with unengaged emails. I analyzed a list of close to 800,000 emails in order to figure out who these people are and what exceptions or excuses there may be for these donors not responding to any emails. After several reports and analyses I worked on building the business requirements document for the change to resolve this un-engagement issue."
  • Michael Hollister, undergraduate
    "For my project I implemented Swagger.io with Crossbrowsertesting.com’s API in YAML and produced SDK clients in Java, Ruby, Node.js/JavaScript, and Python, testing each of these client SDKs in each language. The API clients will give customers easier access to the API and overall create a better service experience for them and also bring more customers to the business."
  • Cannon Moyer, undergraduate
    The Final Touch Security, LLC
    "I was involved in new product development, web development, and software development. One of the projects consisted of creating a web based ticketing system for one of our customers. This ticketing system allowed better organization of their service technicians."
  • Enyil Padilla Valle, undergraduate
    FedEx Services
    "I had a great experience at my internship. I was treated as an equal within the company and gained real work experience. My team and I developed a mobile application for internal use. I was able to take the position of lead developer. The application’s business value is to provide information executives need to be aware of the company’s current status. The app was developed for Android/iOS and we presented it to over 50 people. Then, I was offered an Advance Internship over the spring to support, update, and get the app ready for production. All this gave me the opportunity to develop a real product, gain around 1 year of work experience, and get a job offer before my graduation."
  • Md Fahad Polash, graduate
    "I was involvedin gathering performance data for iSCSI target on a platform, porting MSI-X SATA patch for next generation platform, and network virtualization pathfinding POC."
  • Sandeep Ramesh, graduate
    FedEx Services
    "I continued my work from the summer on VMs and cloud computing, managing the infrastructure for FedEx's ROADS (Route and Decision Support Systems) application. I got trained on technologies such as Linux, XML, and WebLogics."
  • Bobby Richmond, undergraduate
    International Paper
    "My internship was with the Telecommunications department of International Paper, and I mostly did database work. The section I worked with was in charge of a network monitoring application with a web interface. We worked to combine the several original servers into a single server as well as improving some customized queries for metrics. I also assisted with basic switch configuration, and took a few of the related classes offered by International Paper on Cisco devices."

Summer 2015

  • Herve Aniglo, undergraduate
    FedEx Services
    "My team and I used AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) to turn FedEx.com into a platform for customization. Customers and companies can customize the website according to their own requirements."
  • Sri Annamreddi, graduate
    FedEx Services
    "I used the Tableau software to automate a report generation process that used to require manually pulling data from various sources. The person responsible for these reports can now accomplish in 2 minutes what used to take 45 minutes."
  • Venkata Chikkala, graduate
    FedEx Services
    "I completed 2 mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS devices, including tablets. I also developed a RESTful web service to interact with the apps."
  • Austin Feldvebel, undergraduate
    ALSAC/St. Jude
    "I performed analysis for an email hygiene project and wrote documentation for the proposed automation process. I wrote SQL queries and built reports, and I was able to participate in many St. Jude events on-site."
  • Ricky Graziosi, undergraduate
    AutoZone, Inc.
    "I learned multiple distributions of Linux, learned basic and intermediate bash shell scripting as well as basic Python web app programming, and aided in starting Security Operation Center and acted as a SOC analyst. As an intern at AutoZone there are many opportunities to explore in the IT department and the ones mentioned are just a small sample."
  • Ted Parsons, undergraduate
    UT Health Science Center
    "I worked on developing a video game targeted at junior high and high school students to help them make healthy life choices. The game is an old-school platformer and runs on mobile devices. Over the summer I was able to implement the layout and collision data of levels 2-12, gameplay mechanics, and platforming engine, and laid the foundation for the 43 enemy objects."
  • Sandeep Ramesh, graduate
    FedEx Services
    "I got a great opportunity to be a part of the Infrastructure team at FedEx. I managed the infrastructure for one of the biggest applications used at FedEx called ROADS, which basically gives a shortest route to all the drivers who work at the hubs to deliver the packages. I handled all infrastructure activities starting from assigning the resources, building the application, and finally deploying it on a cluster of virtual machines. I managed 3 clusters of VM's, each containing about 15 servers. Along with this I was also assigned to be a part of the transition process that was taking place to move the applications to the cloud."
  • Morgan Steffy, undergraduate
    "Pickle is a new startup company in Memphis. I worked as a software engineer focusing mainly on writing Objective-C. I helped restructure existing code to better fit the MVVC pattern as well as build out new features including a share via Facebook option and restructuring the navigation. My work was mainly focused on Objective-C, but I also spent some time writing JavaScript functions for our database and PHP scripts to use for internal webpages."