CS Research Day Winners

Posted on 2015-04-30

Winners for the 11th annual Computer Science Research Day held on April 3 have been announced. The awards were presented at the annual graduation pizza party on April 30.

Hillol SarkerIn the oral presentation category:

  1. Hillol Sarker (Advisor: Prof. Santosh Kumar), Predict & Prevent: Mining Mobile Sensor Time Series for Just-in-Time Stress Interventions
  2. Austin Henley (Advisor: Prof. Scott Fleming), Patchworks for LabVIEW: An Industrial Application and Evaluation of the Patchworks Interface
  3. (Tie) Nam Vo (Advisor: Prof. Vinhthuy Phan), Improving Variant Calling by Incorporating Known Genetic Variants into Read Alignment
  4. (Tie) Nobal Niraula (Advisor: Prof. Vasile Rus), Rapidly Scaling Dialog Systems with Interactive Learning

Abhijit NagIn the poster category:

  1. Abhijit Nag (Advisor: Prof. Dipankar Dasgupta), An Adaptive Approach towards the Selection of Multi-factor Authentication
  2. Nazir Saleheen (Advisor: Prof. Santosh Kumar), puffMarker: A Multi-Sensor Approach for Pinpointing the Timing of First Lapse in Smoking Cessation
  3. Nobal Niraula (Advisor: Prof. Vasile Rus), Judging the Quality of Automatically Generated Gap-fill Questions using Active Learning

In the undergraduate research category:

  1. Ashlesh Gawande (Advisor: Prof. Lan Wang), Mini-NDN: A Lightweight Emulation Tool for Named Data Networking