MD2K Receives $13.8M IARPA Contract

Posted on 2017-07-26

MD2KUnder the direction of Prof. Santosh Kumar, the MD2K Center of Excellence has received a new $13.8M contract from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).  The research in this project will involve developing models and tools to use mobile sensors in monitoring and predicting work performance in real-world workplaces. The sensors will be used by 600 employees from major pharmaceutical companies, large consulting firms, high-tech companies, and high-tech startups in five cities in the U.S. and New Zealand.
With this new project, MD2K's work is now able to cover monitoring of health, wellness, and work performance in daily life using mobile sensors. Given the close association of work life, work performance, and health and wellness, the research and resulting software will now have a significantly greater societal impact. For more information, go to mperf.md2k.org.