Fifth Annual MD2K Meeting

Posted on 2018-10-09


The fifth annual meeting for the NIH-funded MD2K Center of Excellence was held at the FedEx Institute of Technology and Shelby Farms Park on Oct. 1-2.

This meeting is the only annual event where all MD2K team members are required to attend in person. Attendees included MD2K team members, Center staff, NIH/NSF officials, other BD2K affiliates, and University of Memphis officials.

The goals of the annual meeting are to interact face-to-face with other team members, share and learn the progress made so far, review/revise the policies and procedures of the Center, and chart the direction for the future of MD2K. This year's meeting included a keynote address by pioneer biologist Dr. Leroy Hood.  Details can be found at the MD2K meeting website.

2018 MD2K Annual Meeting2018 MD2K Annual Meeting