NSF Grant for Prof. Papadopoulos

Posted on 2023-08-09

Christos Papadopoulos

Christos Papadopoulos, Professor and Sparks Family Chair of Excellence in Global Research Leadership, has received a 3-year $220k grant from the National Science Foundation for the "Privacy in Internet Measurements Applied to WAN and Telematics" (PIMAWAT) project.

A collaboration with the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California, PIMAWAT will demonstrate new methods to provide data networking datasets that respect end-user privacy, while still being able to support new research in network protocols, security, privacy, and machine learning.  The main insight is that most data today sent over the wide-area network (WAN) is encrypted; thus, the challenge is to demonstrate what data is encrypted, detect and scrub any remaining leaks, and finally anonymize the metadata (who talks to whom) before sharing data.

More information is available in the NSF award abstract.