Max Garzon

Max H. Garzon


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PhD, Theoretical Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1984

Teaching Interests:
Biomolecular and distributed computing, human-computer interaction, foundations of computing, applied computer science

Research Interests:
Biomolecular and distributed computing, human-computer interaction

Dr. Garzon joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences in Fall 1984 after finishing his PhD at the University of Illinois. In his early career, he did research on the complexity of symmetric computational memory structures for sequential computers and separation of sequential complexity classes, mostly with funding with NSF. He was a three-time recipient of the SPUR award for Superior Performance in University Research.

Dr. Garzon served as the Director of the UofM's Computer Science Division during its fledgling years, helping to establish its Web domain and presence. He developed the interdisciplinary MS in Applied Computer Science degree in 2001 and has coordinated the program since then. He received the College of Arts and Sciences Meritorious Faculty Award in 2002.

Dr. Garzon's current research focuses on applied interactive computing, particularly parallel and distributed computing and human-computer interaction, both in the traditional areas and the emerging areas of biomolecular programming and bioinformatics. In addition to over 150 publications in these areas, he has developed or been instrumental in developing software products for complex systems simulation and control, such as Edna (a virtual test tube), early versions of Autotutor (an intelligent computer-based tutoring system for instruction in computer literacy and conceptual physics), an online election system, and a variety of software solutions for local businesses and industries as part of internships and outreach projects.