Active Grants

Investigators    Project    External Collaborators    Funding Source    Amount    Dates
Cook, A. (PI)
  Phan, V.
  Windsor, A. (Math)
  IUSE: EHR: Improving TA Feedback Quality in Introductory Computer Science Courses       NSF   $299,333   08/01/21-07/31/24
Dasgupta, D. (PI)   NCAEC 2021-10 Research Award       NSA   $499,585   08/01/21-07/31/23
Dasgupta, D. (PI)
  Won, M.
  Ali, M. (EECE)
  Rockinson-Szapkiw, A. (Industrial Design and Technology)
  NCAE Cybersecurity Education for Critical Infrastructure   University of West Florida, North Carolina A&T University, Citadel College, Indian River State College   NSA   $1,014,076   08/20/21-12/31/24
Huang, X. (PI)   Causal Modeling of Human Confounding Bias in Patient-reported Outcome Assessment       Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)   $5,000   06/01/22-05/31/23
Huang, X. (PI)   Unrestricted gift       Adobe Research Labs   $21,000   Ongoing
Jacobs, E. (PI, EECE)
   Wang, L.
   Preza, C. (EECE)
   Robinson, A. (EECE)
  Multi-UAS: Multi-Sensor Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance       Army Research Office   $2,707,364   08/01/21-07/31/23
Kumar, S. (PI)   CRI: CI-EN: Collaborative Research: mResearch: A Platform for Reproducible and Extensible Mobile Sensor Big Data Research   University of Massachusetts, Ohio State University, UCLA   NSF   $1,750,470   10/01/18-09/30/23
Kumar, S. (PI)   Affective Science and Smoking Cessation: Real Time World Assessment       Sponsor: NIH/NCI, Lead: University of Utah   $499,512   01/19/18-12/31/23
Kumar, S. (PI)   mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT)   UCLA, Harvard, Georgia Tech, UMass, OSU, UCSF   Sponsor: NIH, Lead: University of Memphis   $5,885,078   07/15/20-03/31/25
Li, W. (PI)   CRII: III: Towards Effective and Efficient City-scale Traffic Reconstruction       NSF   $174,789   07/01/22-06/30/24
Olney, A. (PI, Psychology)
  Bowman, D. (Math)
  Fleming, S.
  Rus, V.
  Tawfik, A. (ICL)
  Data Whys: Learning Data Science with Conversational Agents       NSF   $3,439,035   01/15/20-12/31/24
Papadopoulos, C. (PI)   EAGER: C2DIT: Community Continuous Distributed Internet Traffic Datasets       NSF   $299,582   06/01/22-05/31/24
Papadopoulos, C. (PI)   Collaborative Research: CCRI: NEW: Open Community platform for Sharing Vehicle Telematics Data for Research and Innovation   SRI International, Colorado State University (Boulder)   NSF   $871,098   10/01/22-09/30/25
Poston, R. (PI, BIT)
  Gillenson, M. (BIT)
  Shiva, S.
  Richardson, S. (BIT)
  Jacobs, E. (EECE)
  Test and Evaluation (T&E) Course Instruction in Support of Information Technology Systems for T&E Managers, on behalf of DHS S&T Test and Evaluation Division (TED)   University of Oklahoma   AFIT/DHS   $330,147   04/13/21-03/31/22
Rus, V. (PI)
  Bowman, D. (Math)
  Mueller, C. (CEPR)
  Pavlik, P. (Psychology)
  Venugopal, D.
  Learner Data Institute   University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of North Carolina, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Learning, SoarTech, Aptima, WorkBay, Gooru, ARL GIFT   NSF   $2,605,585   2020-08/31/23
Rus, V. (PI)
  Fleming, S.
  Collaborative Research: CSEdPad: Investigating and Scaffolding Students' Mental Models during Computer Programming Tasks to Improve Learning, Engagement, and Retention   University of Pittsburgh   NSF   $499,136   09/01/18-08/31/23
Rus, V. (PI)
  Cook, A.
  iCODE: Investigating and Scaffolding Students' Code Comprehension Processes to Improve Learning, Engagement, and Retention   UNC Chapel Hill, Regents of the University of Minnesota   Institute for Education Sciences   $1,999,595   2022-2025
Venugopal, D. (PI)   Unrestricted gift       Adobe Research Labs   $35,000   Ongoing
Venugopal, D. (PI)
  Rus, V.
  RI:Small:Investigating Techniques that Couple Markov Logic and Deep Learning with Applications to Discovering Strategies to Improve STEM Learning       NSF   $413,482   10/01/20-06/30/23
Wang, L. (PI)
  Kumar, S.
  CC* Integration-Large: mGuard: A Secure Real-time Data Distribution System with Fine-Grained Access Control for mHealth Research   UCLA   Sponsor: NSF, Lead: University of Memphis   $825,000   10/01/20-09/30/23
Wang, L. (PI)   MINC       DARPA/Peraton Labs   $906,190   01/05/22-06/30/25
Watson, T. (PI)   CAREER: Structural Communication Complexity       NSF   $435,015   10/01/20-09/30/25
Won, M. (PI)
  Dasgupta, D.
  Yang, K.
  Cook, A.
  NSA GenCyber Capacity Building Program       NSA   $99,763   05/26/22-05/25/24
Yang, K. (PI)
  Zhang, X.
  Designing Machine Learning-based Solutions for APT Detection       FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.   $397,084   08/01/22-07/31/25
Yang, K. (PI)
  Won, M.
  Cook, A.
  Dasgupta, D.
  CyberCorps Scholarship for Service: Developing the Cybersecurity Workforce in West Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas       NSF   $3,806,815   02/01/22-01/31/27
Zhang, X. (PI)   Collaborative Research: PPoSS: Planning: Efficient and Scalable Learning and Management of Distributed Probabilistic Graphs   Kent State University   NSF   $148,479   10/01/22-09/30/23