CS Research Days

Each spring, the Department of Computer Science holds a Research Day when students gather to present their research work to faculty members and discuss ideas. Students are also evaluated by a panel of faculty judges, and the winners receive cash prizes.
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Sixth Annual research day

March 19, 2010 - University Center 338


Student Project Advisor
Amin Ali Maintaining Worst Case Guarantee in Trading-Off Quality of Tracking and Network Lifetime Kumar
Denise Ferebee Information Security Storm Map Dasgupta
Santanu Guha Self-Contained Infrastructure-Less Tracking of Assets
(3rd Place Presentation)
Yunyue Lin On Topology Construction in Layered P2P Live Streaming Networks Wu
Mihai Lintean Dissimilarity Kernels for Paraphrase Identification
(1st Place Presentation)
Yaoqing Liu On the Design of Aggregation Algorithms to Extend Router Lifetime Wang
Xukang Lu Scientific Workflow Automation and Management Platform (SWAMP) Wu
Salahuddin M. Masum On Determining Optimal Range to Achieve Barrier Coverage with Directional Sensors
(2nd Place Presentation)
Ryan McCall Grounded Event-Based and Modal Representations for Objects, Relations, Beliefs, Etc. Franklin
Ernest McCracken Detecting Prefix Hijacking through Active and Passive Measurements Wang
Md Mahbubur Rahman Smoking and Conversation Detection from Respiration Signal Kumar



Student(s) Project Advisor
Harkeerat Bedi A Stochastic Game Model with Imperfect Information in Cyber Security Shiva
Vivek Datla, Charles Ellis On Modeling and Simulation of Game Theory-Based Defense Mechanisms against DoS and DDoS Attacks
(2nd Place Poster)
Charles Ellis, Vivek Datla, Harkeerat Bedi Modular Framework for Traffic Inspection and Interactive Management Shiva
Somnath Mitra From Traditional Mote-Style Sensor Networks to Smartphones - A Bridge in the Gap
(1st Place Poster)
Jake A. Qualls Why Computational Thinking Should Be Integrated into the Curriculum Sherrell