Software Systems

Director: Sajjan Shiva
Website: http://gtcs.cs.memphis.edu

Software pervades every aspect of our lives today.  Businesses around the world increasingly depend on software for the very basics of their operations.  U.S. firms alone have more than 100 billion lines of code created at a cost of more than $3 trillion, and costing more than $30 billion a year to maintain.  Software engineering provides for the production of quality software that is delivered on time and within budget, and that satisfies all its requirements.

The members of the Software Systems group are involved in teaching, research, and consulting on various aspects of software engineering.  We teach courses from introductory software engineering at the undergraduate level to contemporary software development techniques at the graduate level.  Our research spans the areas of process improvement, life-cycle models, methodologies and standards, software reuse, requirements analysis, and risk assessment.