Doing is making a difference.

Driven by Doing isn't just a slogan. It's what you'll see happening all around you at the UofM. Every. Single. Day. We've had a lot of firsts here in Memphis, Tennessee. But our most memorable years are yet to come. We are all about forward progress. Yours. That's what Memphis does.

Doing is Mentoring

Doing is Preserving

Doing is Maintaining

Doing is Researching

The kind of education you'll treasure for a lifetime

We know, we know. An entire lifetime is a huge promise. But it couldn't be more true. Once you get to the UofM, you'll quickly see how the knowledge you gain and the people you meet will inspire you to go out and change humanity. Make your mark. No matter what you come here to study, we will help you launch the career of your dreams. We have an arrow-sharp focus on you and your goals. Because if it matters to our students, it means the world to us. Click on the links above to read about students who had the good fortune to choose the UofM, putting them in the right place at the right time to make history.