Disability Accommodations and Services

A comprehensive program of accommodations and services designed to provide access and opportunity is available to qualified students with disabilities through Disability Resources for Students. Services are available to all students registered with DRS, however, academic  accommodations are individually determined and are based on the student's current functional limitations outlined in the provided  documentation, the student's compensatory skills, and the requirements of a particular course or program.

The following general services are available to all students registered with DRS:

  • Early registration
  • Orientation to using disability services
  • Assistance with strategic class scheduling to enhance academic success
  • Semester Plan for accommodations and services
  • Memos to faculty about disability needs
  • Advocacy relating to disability access issues
  • Orientation to and use of the Assistive Technology Lab in The McWherter Library
  • Referral to other University departments and community agencies
  • Information about specific opportunities for students with disabilities

The University does not provide services of a personal nature such as: personal care assistance, personal counseling/therapy, personal study assistance, or individually prescribed aids, appliances, and equipment. Tutoring is also considered a personal service, and the University is not legally required to provide tutor service for students with disabilities above and beyond the tutoring available to any UofM student through DRS the Educational Support Program - (https://www.memphis.edu/esp/) or academic departments.