Neurological Disorders

To obtain disability accommodations and services, students must register with DRS by providing current and appropriate medical or professional documentation and by meeting with a DRS Coordinator for an Initial Appointment. Based on the individual student's documentation, the Coordinator will assess the student's functional limitations and academic needs, and from those, will determine the necessary accommodations and services for which the student is eligible. After registering for classes each semester, students are responsible for scheduling an appointment with their Coordinator to arrange reasonable accommodations and services for that semester.

In addition to the general services available to all students registered with DRS, the following accommodations may be available to students who have residual symptoms from traumatic brain injury:

  • Special advising and strategic scheduling of classes
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Permission to audio record lectures
  • Notetaker service
  • Books in alternate format
  • Tutor referral
  • Assistance with study strategies, organization, and time management
  • Weekly meetings with professional staff to monitor progress
  • Access to voice recognition software
  • Access to large screen monitors and screen enlargement
  • Loaner equipment
    • Audio recorders
  • Test accommodations