Each Semester: The Semester Plan Meeting

  1. Students registered with DRS should schedule a Semester Plan Meeting with your Coordinator after registering for classes each semester, when your schedule is finalized.

  2. At this meeting, you and your Coordinator will discuss your disability-related needs for each class and develop a plan of accommodations and/or services for that particular semester. Certain services require weeks to arrange (such as books in alternate format, interpreting services, classroom captioning or relocation of a classroom). Completing your Semester Plan in a timely fashion allows DRS to get your accommodations set-up and ready for the first day of class. Delaying your Semester Plan can cause a delay in accommodations.

  3. If it appears during the course of the semester that the planned accommodations are insufficient, you should meet with your Coordinator to discuss any changes as soon as possible. The Semester Plan can be amended any time in the semester.

  4. If the planned accommodations involve your professors, your DRS Coordinator will provide you with a memo for each professor. The memo will explain you are officially registered with DRS and for them to help coordinate the accommodations listed in the memo. It is your responsibility to provide the memo to each professor as soon as possible.

    University policy does not permit professors to provide disability-related accommodations to students without a DRS memo. Professors are only responsible for providing accommodations from the time they receive notice via the memo from DRS. Students who provide their memos late in the semester are not eligible for retroactive accommodations.

  5. In determining the accommodations you will receive, DRS staff gives first consideration to the specific accommodation you request. While the law does not require the institution to provide the specific accommodation you request, it does require the institution to provide an appropriate accommodation, one that will provide you with equal access and equal opportunity.