Geochemical Studies

Facilities for geochemical analysis are maintained in the J.M. Smith building. A general wet-chemistry lab is maintained in room 127 with equipment for both lab and field geochemical studies, including pH, redox, and specific ion electrode meters, dissolved oxygen meters, two Hach spectrophotometers, Ohaus balance, and a Dionex DX-120 ion chromatography unit. Atomic absorption spectrometers, with both flame and graphite furnace sources, are shared with the Chemistry Department in room 207. A Bruker Trace 7i portable X-ray fluorescence unit and portable and desktop FTIR spectrometers are available in room 306. A general purpose geochemistry lab with spectrophotometers and lab ware is in room 316.

Dionex DX-120 Ion Chromatograph   Water sampling on Black Bayou   Geochemical Studies