Geophysical Studies

Facilities for geophysical studies include equipment available through Earth Sciences and the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI). Seismic equipment includes three state-of-the-art Geometrics Geode 24-channel seismic recorders. The Geodes are controlled by software installed on a dedicated field PC. We also have three cables with 24 takeouts at 0.5 m intervals, and about eighty 40 Hz vertical-component geophones. As a source, we routinely use a hammer. The data are processed with the well-known ProMax software. Other field equipment includes instruments for resistivity, magnetic and gravity surveys are housed at CERI. For a full list of field equipment available at CERI please see the FDL page and contact Dr. Mitch Withers. A field conductivity unit for shallow subsurface studies is also available at DES.

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