Student / Mentor Teachers of the Month: March 2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The College of Education (COE) Office of Teacher Education and Clinical Practice (TEP) is proud to announce the recipients of Student Teachers of the Month and Mentor Teachers of the Month for March 2024: teachers Khaelah Bass and Alyssa Kiser and mentor teachers Atongela Boga and Davine Hobbs.

Khaelah Bass

Bass, a Senior Teaching All Learners (TALN) major and a Memphis native, has been completing her residency at Power Center Academy Elementary School Hickory Hill, where we understand the principal has offered her a job for the next school year. TEP says Bass is the embodiment of dedication and innovation in education. Her work ethic shines through as she constantly seeks and implements engaging teaching methods to captivate her students' interests. She expects to graduate in May.

"I'm glad to be a part of a community that recognizes my efforts," Bass said.

Alyssa Kiser

For Kiser, who share's a similar story as Bass - a Memphis native majoring in TALN - has been student teaching at Bon Lin Middle School in Bartlett. She's accepted a full-time position as a middle school functional skills teacher and will start after May graduation. TEP says Kiser has shown a lot of growth as a teacher during this school year and that her students know she cares about them.

On the teacher side, Boga, a UofM College of Education alum, has been a special education teacher in MSCS for 24 years at Levi Elementary and Belle Forest Community Schools. Her mentorship extends to the art of crafting effective lesson plans, embodying the essence of a mentor by not just teaching but inspiring her mentee to excel in the challenging yet rewarding field of special education.

Atongela Boga

"As a mother of three children, two of which who are now in the education field, my heart work has been to provide any child, not just my students, with what they need to help them get to where they are going," Boga said. "My heart was overwhelmed with joy and pride to know that I was selected for this honor."

Finally, Hobbs, also a UofM COE alum, is a third grade math teacher at Campus School. She has been in the field for six years. According to TEP, Ms. Hobbs has been nothing but an inspirational and motivating mentor! She has been so very flexible with her schedule and has given so much advice that will carry into the teaching career of her mentee.

Davine Hobbs

"As I was reading the Mentor Teacher of the Month email, I was shocked to see my name," said Hobbs. "I even did a double take! I did not expect this at all! It is such an honor to be recognized by my thoughtful student teacher."
The student teacher and teacher mentor of the month recognition has been revamped by the COE and TEP. Since there were no students or mentors recognized in the Fall 2023 semester, two students and mentors will be recognized for the months of February, March, and April. Nominations for the award are made during the respective month, and the winners are selected at the end of the following month. All winners for Spring 2024 will be recognized at TEP's end of the year celebration.

Congratulations to our recipients!