Research Excellence: UofM Spotlights 30 COE Faculty and Staff

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -Thirty faculty and staff members from the College of Education (COE) were recognized in this year’s Research Celebration.

The first to be recognized in the program were the Class of 2024 Principal Investigator (PI) Millionaires, researchers who secured over $1 million in funding for their respective projects. COE’s Karen Weddle-West (CEPR), and vice president for Student Academic Success, was a member of the thirteen-member class. She is now one of only 147 UofM researchers to reach this milestone.


On the other side, first-time PIs from the COE were recognized which included: Cynthia Muzzi (CREP), Nichelle Robinson (TEP), Michelle Brasfield (CEPR), Melanie Burgess (CEPR), Patrick Murphy (CEPR), Daniel Collier (LEAD), Anna Falkner (ICL) and Laurie MacGillivray (ICL).


Research Celebration COE Group Photo
(L/R: Leigh Harrell-Williams, Ph.D. (CEPR), Todd Zoblotsky, Ed.D. (CREP), Cynthia Muzzi (CREP), Anna Falkner, Ph.D. (ICL), Patrick Murphy, Ph.D. (CEPR), Stephen Zanskas, Ph.D. (CEPR), Janet Wiens, Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Ph.D. (CEPR) 


Book Publications were the next category of the program. COE’s Rosie Phillips Bingham (CEPR) was recognized for her part in the publication, “Leading Assessment for Student Success: Ten Tenets that Change Culture and Practice in Student Affairs”. ICL’s Laura Casey was also recognized for her work in “Applied Behavior Analysis in Early Childhood Education: An Introduction to Evidence-based Intervention and Teaching Strategies (Second Edition).”


Research Support Staff, or Co-Investigators (CIs), were up next. Tammy Combs (ICL), Tonya Cooper (CREP), Kandi Hill-Clarke, Christian Mueller (CEPR), Andrew Tawfik (ICL) and Janet Wiens (COE) were recognized. Former COE members Christine Bertz (CREP) and Gina Tillis (ICL) were also commended for their work.


The program also recognized Research Scholars from the 2023 calendar year. The Communities of Research Scholars (CoRS) was founded in the fall of ’18 with the intent to foster research projects across UofM. COE’s Crystal White (CEPR) and William Hunter (ICL) were recognized for their work that added them to CoRS.


Finally, PIs from the previous calendar year (2023) were recognized for the work done on various projects, which included: Thouraya Al Nasser (ICL), Celia Anderson (ICL), Michelle Brasfield (CEPR), Melanie Burgess (CEPR), Laura Casey (ICL), Daniel Collier (LEAD), Anna Falkner (ICL), Wendy Griswold (LEAD), William Hunter (ICL), Carolyn Kaldon (CREP), Laurie MacGillivray (ICL), Patrick Murphy (CEPR), Cynthia Muzzi (CREP), Nichelle Robinson (TEP), Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw (ICL), Eraina Schauss (CEPR), Chrisann Schiro-Geist (CEPR), Karen Weddle-West (CEPR), Stephen Zanskas (CEPR) and Todd Zoblotsky (CREP).



CREP – Center for Research and Educational Policy

CEPR – Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research

ICL – Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
­– Department of Leadership

TEP – Office of Teacher Education and Clinical Practice