COE Alumni Chapter Announces Relaunch

News Release
DECEMBER 12, 2023

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The College of Education (COE) has announced a relaunch of its alumni chapter, in hopes of driving more engagement to Tiger alumni across the country, and the chapter is taking a more proactive approach in modernizing its communication methods to accomplish this.

“We are committed to keeping our alumni informed about what’s going on in the college and for them to know that the COE is still successfully turning out educators and administrators and clinicians and that they can be a part of it,” said Willie Clark Jr., COE’s Director of Development.

Up until the last few years, alumni events at UofM have been almost solely in-person, being held within a 50 miles radius or so, Clark said. Back in May of 2023, COE Dean Kandi Hill-Clarke’s advisory council met with the UofM Alumni Association, asking for their support in this push to relaunch the chapter. 

With the support from the alumni association and the Dean’s office, the COE will offer in-person and virtual events to include as many alums as possible.

“When (alumni) get connected, they come in and are a positive influence on our students, and our students take that influence to take those same steps our alumni took,” said Clark.
Questionnaires were recently sent out to various alumni, asking what more they would like to see from the chapter. It was also asked who would “take up the baton” of leadership. Past chapter president Dr. Randy McPherson and Dr. Sharon Griffin will serve as co-presidents. Brandon Henderson will serve as Treasurer. Sharon Wilson will serve as Secretary Historian, and Alexia Young will serve as VP.

The COE alumni chapter aims to host a relaunch event at the end of January.