Dozens Receive Commemorative Pin To Mark Entrance Into Teaching Program

university of memphis undergraduates receive commemorative pin awards

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 – Fifty UofM undergraduates within the College of Education (COE) took a key step in their academic journey Tuesday night, entering the college’s Teacher Education Program (TEP). To mark this occasion, Dr. Nichelle Robinson, COE’s Director of Teacher Education and Clinical Practice, and her staff host a pinning ceremony.student awarded for academic achievement

“The TEP pinning ceremony is an important event for our students because it recognized their hard work and all that they’ve accomplished to be admitted to the TEP,” Robinson said.

Students must maintain a certain GPA, while also passing standardized exams, to enter TEP. In total, sixty-nine students were accepted to TEP, the fifty mentioned above being the ones who RSVP’d to the pinning ceremony.

“I want them to know that we see and appreciate their efforts and that they deserve to be celebrated for meeting this first major milestone on their journeys to becoming classroom teachers,” said Robinson. “It plants the seed early on that teachers deserve to be celebrated and honored when they do big things.”

The keynote speaker for the ceremony was CEO of Peer Power, Cortney Richardson

student shaking hand with presenter