Write Your Name in Hieroglyphs


Ancient Egyptians used several systems for writing their language. Hieroglyphs were one method of writing. The system uses symbols to represent sounds and meanings. Learn about Ancient Egyptian writing and try writing your name in hieroglyphs. The chart here gives a bit more information and shows the symbols that match up with the English alphabet which you can use to help you fill in a blank cartouche. Cartouches are oval shapes that were used to indicate royal names. 


Hieroglyphs Chart


Download and print the cartouche you want to use. In writing, Egyptians used signs called determinatives to indicate men and women. Click here for a cartouche with a girl determinative and here for a boy determinative. Feel free to use whichever you would like.

Click here to open a downloadable PDF of the hieroglyphs chart.

Using the chart, try to copy the symbols to spell your name. Some examples below can help guide you. You can also color the cartouche.



Completed Examples:

Cartouche (female)  Cartouche (male)