Alumni - M.A. in Egyptian Art

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Name Year Thesis Title
Margaret Nutt Moore
(Advisor: )
1994 An examination of the botanical identification, style, and iconographical significance of the upper Egyptian heraldic emblem the Swt
Mary Louise Moore-Haney 1995 A proposed date for a limestone relief of a head of a Nubian from the Albert Gallatin Collection
Doris Layne 1996 Exploring the question of narrative in Egyptian art
Christopher Williams 1996 Bes as a protector of the dead and the resurrection
Pamela J. Wilson 1997 A new interpretation of the solar and osirian roles of the four sons of Horus as active participants in the afterlife transformation
Mary Ann Marazzi 1998 A reconstruction of the ritual involving the "išd" tree scene and its importance in New Kingdom Egypt
David Seifert 1999 Construction techniques and materials involved in the manufacture of low stools in New Kingdom Egypt
Ann Michelle Marlar 1999 Exploring the symbolism of Egyptian "new year's" bottles
Anne Igoe 1999 The origins and evolution of the griffin motif in Egyptian art : from the Predynastic to the early New Kingdom
Michelle McClenny 2000 A child's coffin (Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, 1921.5A): a study in authenticity
Amy Meilleur 2000 A re-examination of the chariot of Thutmosis IV
Tammy Hilburn 2001 Amarna style and the cult of fertility : canopics, anatomy and the legitimization of kinship during the reign of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten
Jane Hill 2001 Cylinder seal glyptic in predynastic Egypt and neighboring regions
Daniel Cole 2001 Same gender equality in Old Kingdom tombs
Heather Reeves 2002 A stela of Khaemwaset and evidence of private worship in Late New Kingdom Memphis
Kevin L. Johnson 2002 An examination of the sarcophagus of a New Kingdom official, Menna: Its archaeological context, reconstruction, and iconographic program
Merit Huey 2003 A stylistic study of a bust of Ramesses III, MFA29.733
William Clifford 2003 The four principal themes of ancient Egyptian funerary belief and their expression in coffin decoration
Susan Allison 2003 An examination of the three Nedjemu statues from the Great Western Cemetery at Giza
Jared Krebsbach 2003 The Darius statue from Susa: A study of socio-political relations between ruler and subject in Egypt's Twenty-Seventh Dynasty
Liz Cummins 2003 The iconography of the Serapis Cult in the Main Catacomb of Kom el Shoqafa, Alexandria
Amanda Leenerts 2003 The First Intermediate Period coffin of Ibwi, priestess of Hathor, from Mesheikh, Egypt, tomb 123, room B
Eric McCann 2003 The offering table of Nastasen: A glimpse into the royal funerary cult of ancient Sudan
Brian E. Smith 2003 The shrine of Yegegi: Uniting sculpture and architecture in Old Kingdom art
Laura Deneke 2004 The motif of pharaoh astride a cat
Lori Francz 2005 A study of two non-royal faience pectorals (1988.14.50 and 1988.14.51 a-k) in the collection of the University of Memphis
Christine End 2006 The mirror standard: Reflections of the divine in ancient Egypt
Dennis O'Connor 2006 Queen Meresankh III and her tomb paintings by Joseph Lindon Smith
Sharon Nichols 2006 The divergent double pipe: A musical instrument of the Egyptian New Kingdom and Late Period
Flora Hesse 2007 The iconography and use of the sistrum in the pharaonic period
Jobie Hill 2007 An architectural reconstruction of mastaba G 2381
Andrea ("Annie") Shanley 2007 A unique royal head revisited
Lionel Jacob Shock 2007 Pairy, an official of the God's Wife of Amun in the early Eighteenth Dynasty
Alison Kurth 2007 A study of a relaxed recumbent lion statue in the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis 1990.1.31
Erin Peters 2007 Vessels 2002.1.72, 2002.1.73 and 2002.1.74 in the collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis and the royal foundation deposits of Hatshepsut
Sarah Schellinger 2007 Two royal ushabtis of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty and the Napatan Period in the collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis (1981.1.39 and 1981.1.41)
Victoria A. Russell 2007 Foreigners in the tomb of Rekhmire (Theban Tomb 100)
Erin Sauer 2008 Animal mummies from the Late, Ptolemaic and Roman Periods in Egypt: A study of wrapping styles and their meaning
Kelly Bozarth 2008 Head case: A study of a head of Amun (IEAA 1990.4.1)
Patrick Salland 2008 Pharaoh's grapes: A study of faience decorative grape clusters
Megan Lowery 2008 An examination of the tree of life motif on an intaglio gemstone (1993.3.3) in the collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis
Cara Linda Mitchell 2008 Royal mortuary complexes of the New Kingdom: An examination of their architecture, design and meaning
Tiffany Redman 2008 A study of theriomorphic stone vessels in Predynastic Egypt
Nicole Vaughn 2008 Amulets of Amun: Daily or mortuary significance?
Sarah Pitt Kaplan 2008 From a King to a God: A study of a Late Period bronze statue from the St. Louis Art Museum
Sarah Chandlee 2009 Walking through the afterlife: A study of the scenes where Anubis leads the deceased to Osiris
Christine DuMars 2009 The First Intermediate Period stela of Iku and Mer-imat
Joseph Lafayette Gaston 2009 A study of bull's tails and bovine furniture supports in the Predynastic and Early Dynastic Periods
Lana Higbee Hill 2009 Their heads to keep: A study and catalogue of decorated ancient Egyptian headrests
Lacy Jones 2009 The memory of the dead: A study of Theban tomb 192
Danielle Phelps 2009 Landscape representation in Ancient Egyptian Art: The investigation of the "destroyed unnamed town and its devastated landscape" relief at Luxor Temple
Lindsey Schifko 2009 Ba birds, shadows, and black hole suns: Interpreting a complex representation of spell 92 from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
Meghan Strong 2009 Let there be light: A study of natural and artificial light in New Kingdom Egypt (1570-1070 B.C.)
Elizabeth McDonald 2009 An analysis of a shabti of Amenhotep III (MFA 4.1854)
Jennifer Butterworth 2010 The children of the king:  An analysis of the identity and ritual role of the msw nswt in pharaonic Egypt
Sarah Chapman 2010 The role of the bead-net shroud within late Twenty-sixth Dynasty Egyptian burials
A.J. Walker 2010 The iconography and role of serpents in Ancient Egypt: The serpent demon Apophis
Rachel Benkowski 2011 The sun queen's trademark: A study of the tall blue crown of Queen Nefertiti
Melissa Boyschou 2011 Destruction by fire: Interpreting the Lake of Fire vignette from two Twenty-First Dynasty funerary papyri
Rosa Erika Feleg 2011 Features of the early relief decoration of Ramesses II at the Karnak Hypostyle Hall and the Ramesside forecourt at Luxor Temple
Branden Fjerstad 2011 The 'Window of Appearance' re-opened: New perspectives on a New Kingdom royal venue
Sarah Krueger 2011 Embracing the West: an ancient Egyptian family's transition to the afterlife.
Lindsay Vosburg Ocal 2011 The Sistrum as a Marker of the Divine Nature of Queenship in the Amarna Period
Luke Breinig 2012 Astronomy, cosmology, and religious expression in the New Kingdom: A study of late Ramesside cosmological funerary scenes
Grace Lahneman 2012 The social, economic, and political connotations of the tomb of Huy (Theban Tomb 40) for foreign relations with ancient Nubia in the 18th Dynasty
Andrew Shilling 2012 Constructing the cosmos: The role of the Egyptian king in the Foundation Ceremony
Elissa Ferguson 2012 Time and meaning: The use of the fishing and fowling scene through time in ancient Egyptian non-royal tombs
Aaron Smith 2012 An analysis of the alteration of style during the later Old Kingdom and late Eighteenth Dynasty
Andrea Middleton 2013 Representations of time in the temple of Hathor at Dendera: Iconographical analyses of the two astronomical ceilings in terms of Neheh and Djet
Alec Noah 2013 A preliminary study of the inner coffin and mummy cover of Nesytanebettawy from Bab el-Gusus (A.9) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Christopher Stelter 2013 Obtained by one's own hands: a theory on the Middle Class of ancient Egypt and funerary stelae of the First Intermediate Period
Megan Valentine 2013 An examination of a coffin fragment in the collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis
Elizabeth Golden 2014 Nut, the zodiac, and Sothis: An Iconographical Analysis of Five Coffin Lids from the Roman Period Soter Group
Brandi Hill 2014 The evolution of royal female power from the late Old Kingdom through the Twelfth Dynasty
Ashley Stanton 2014 "Legless birds": a re-examination of the motivating factors behind hieroglyphic "mutilation"
Remi Chan 2015 Peculiar Primates: An Analysis of Old Kingdom Tomb Decoration Using Unusual Scenes with Primates
Brooke Garcia 2015 A Study of the Copper-Alloy Statuette of a Striding King from the Collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis (UM/IEAA 1990.1.29)
Katlyn Greiner 2015 Reweaving the History of Two Late Antique Egyptian Textiles: An Analysis on Textile Fragments from the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at The University of Memphis (2004.1.4) and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (294-1887)
Robyn Price 2015 "Your Scent is as Their Scent." The Invisible Presence in New Kingdom Egyptian Art
Jessica Johnson 2016 Intertwined Demons: The Relationship between Gate Guardians and the Demon Ammit in Nineteenth Dynasty Book of the Dead as Expressed through Synecdoche
Carolina Quintana 2016 The Use of an Ancient Egyptian Amulet for the Living: University of Memphis (1994.4.268)
Amber Ward 2017 Time After Time: an Iconographical Analysis of Images of Time and Eternity in the New Kingdom Netherworld Books
Tanya Olson 2018 The Trickster and the Tricked: Agency versus Passivity in Egyptian Representations of the God Seth
Alexandria Salisbury 2018 Behind Every Man is a Strong Woman: Reconsidering the form and function of Old Kingdom Dyads from Giza
Arabela Baer 2018 Botanical Collars and Garlands and Their Representations in the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period
Rachel Suddreth 2019 A Study of the Loop Sistrum (Accession Number 1994.4.26) at the University of Memphis
Paige Brevick 2019 Feeding the Pharaohs: A Discussion and Object Study of Fowl Victual Mummies from Ancient Egypt
Cannon Aileen Fairbairn 2020 Communicating Power through Text and Iconography: A Suckling Scene from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos
Melissa Marie Thiringer 2020 An Egyptian's Best Friend? An Analysis and Discussion of the Depiction of the Domestic Dog in Ancient Egypt
JoLynne Minnick 2021 The Dying Sun: An Iconographical Analysis of the Solar Barque at Sunset in the Cosmological Books of the New Kingdom
Branson Dale Anderson 2021 A Part of the Family: Funerary Preparations for Children and Adolescents in Late Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Katherine Margaret Consola 2021 A Lasting Impression? A Study of Middle Kingdom Seal Impressions from Elephantine Island
Bethany Jensen 2022

Anubis and the Embalming Scene: Tradition and Innovation in a New Kingdom Funerary Scene at Kom el-Shoqafa, Alexandria

Luke Trull 2023

Rock Art and State Formation in Ancient Egypt

Paige Nehls 2023

Going to Her Ka: A New Identification of the Pair Statues in the Tomb of Meresankh III

Kathrine Gosnell 2023

Libyan Social Identity and the Importance of Kinship in the Third Intermediate Period (Dynasties 21-24): An Analysis of Libyan and Egyptian Genealogical Texts and the Royal and Elite Burial Assemblages at Tanis

Rachel Pinkman  2024

A PXRF, FTIR and SEM/EDS Analysis of the White Pigment on White Cross-Lined Ware