Slate Governance

Slate is both the university’s student application platform and its CRM.  2022 was used to launch applications, communications, and processes for undergraduate, graduate, and international applicants. In 2023, the Slate Leadership Team will begin expanding Slate to the campus community for tracking applicant and student interactions and sending communications. Goal is to have all official university communications to students and applicants sent and tracked in Slate. By communicating with and recording student interactions in Slate, the university can leverage the full benefits of a CRM.

New Slate projects, or modifications to an existing Slate process, requires a request form to be reviewed by the Steering Committee. Click here to submit your Slate Project/Process Request form. For Communication Request please complete the Communication Request form.

Governance Structure:

    • Steering Committee Role & Responsibilities
      • Plans and executes the data mapping between Slate and other university systems and makes decisions on system of record, data definitions, and standard procedures.  
      • Prioritizes projects, develops project plans, and oversees the work to be executed by the Slate captains.  
      • Obtain functional knowledge of how Slate works, be familiar with the UofM Slate structure and processes, and keep abreast of new developments that could impact our Slate instance.
      • Requests for new projects or modifications to current processes will need to go to Slate Data Governance group to be reviewed, approved, mapped out and scheduled.
      • This group makes the recommendation to the Provost, who has ultimate authority.  

      Steering Committee Members:
      • Andrew Linn, Financial Aid Operations
      • Bridgette Decent, Co-Chair, Institutional Research
      • Carol Laney, Co-Chair, Registrar Office
      • Darla Keel, Enrollment Services
      • Deborah Tollefsen, Graduate School
      • Eric Stokes, Undergraduate Admissions
      • Jennifer Perry, Univ Student & Business Services
      • Raj Manickavasagam, IT Data Services Administration
      • Ryan Crews, Graduate School
    • Slate Communication Governance
      • Avoid over-communicating with students and ensure consistent, strategic, and effective messaging to drive student success and institutional priorities.
      • Plan and prioritize Slate communications..
      • Develop a communication plan including an inventory of communications, calendar of communications, communications modality planning, and adherence to UofM brand standards.

    • Slate Communication Committee - TBD

    • Slate Captains Committee Roles & Responsibilities
      • Subject matter experts.  
      • Build and manage applications, forms, workflows, and Slate structures.
      • Review communications to present to the Communication committee.  
      • Create complex queries and reports.
      • Ensure consistency and collaboration in the shared environment. 

      Slate Captains Committee Members:
      • Brian Davidson, Financial Aid Operations
      • Carol Laney, Chair, Registrar Office
      • Jeff Parsell, OIR Office
      • Jon Tignor, Undergrad Admissions
      • Kayla Evans, Student Success
      • Sheila Jones, Graduate School
      • Ryan Crews, Graduate School