What can I do with this Minor?

With increasing awareness of mankind's effect on the environment, the U.S. Department of Labor projects a marked increase in jobs related to environmental studies and sustainability. Combined with a major in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and many other fields, a minor in Environmental Studies widens the job market considerably with such careers as:

Occupation Mean Salary
Architect $78,880
Fish and Game Warden $48,710
Architecture Professor $77,830
Plant Breeder $61,830
Environmental Planner $65,910
Surveyor $55,770
Facilities Planner $78,880
Geographer $67,000
Agricultural Technician $35,485
Farm Management Advisor $45,560
Industrial Air Pollution Analyst $44,025
Industrial Designer $61,400
Forest Engineer $78,725
Agronomist $61,830
Interior Designer $51,990
Landscape Architect $65,910
Model Maker $33,970
Environmental Engineer $63,350
School Architect $78,880
Soil Conservationist $63,081
Solar Energy Systems Designer $61,400
Hydrologist $74,670
Horticulturist $61,830

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