Educational Support Learning Centers

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Our campus-wide Learning Centers will bring out the learner in you. Educational Support Program (ESP) Learning Centers are located across the University of Memphis main and Lambuth campuses. ESP services are for University of Memphis undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in the course that assistance is requested.

Each center is staffed by ESP-certified tutors, including graduate and undergraduate students.  Drop-ins are always welcomed, but appointments for tutoring and/or consultations are available and vary by location. Online Tutoring is also available. 

Schedule and hours are subject to change. Please contact the ESP Office at 901.678.2704 or esp@memphis.edu for updates.


  • Learning Centers will open for Fall 2023 on September 4th, but some locations may have a soft opening during first week of classes. 
  • Follow our social media or email esp@memphis.edu for updates. 

On-Campus Learning Center Tutoring Schedules

Fall 2023 Schedule 

Academic Enhancement Center (AEC)
207 Mitchell | 901.678.5226 
M T W R F | 9 AM — 5:30 PM 
Get BETTER in General Education courses, Spanish, History, Philosophy, and in any course. See Learning Specialist to learn techniques and strategies for all courses.

Business Learning Center (BLC)
256 Fogelman College of Business & Economics | 901.678.3912 
M T W R | 11 AM — 7 PM 
Get BETTER in Accounting, BIT, Finance, Business Statistics, and other Business courses.

Math Learning Center (MLC) 
341 Dunn | 901.678.2704 | M T W R 9 AM — 8 PM | F  9 AM — 3 PM | Fall 2023 Schedule 
Mathematics and Statistics courses any major. 

Science Learning Center (SLC)
217 Mitchell | 901.678.2704 
M T W R F | 8 AM — 4:30 PM 
Get BETTER in A&P, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ESCI, and other Science courses.

Centennial Place Learning Center (CPLC)
186 Shirley C. Raines Centennial Place | 901.678.2704 
Sun M T W | 7 PM — 9 PM 
Get BETTER in Science, Spanish, Math, Engineering, and other courses.

Lambuth Learning Center (LLC)
4A Wilder | 731.425.7398

UofM Virtual Learning Center powered by Upswing
24 / 7 FREE Online Tutoring
Study with multiple UofM department tutors or Upswing coaches on the virtual white-board or submit a content specific assignment for review.

Fall 2023 Course and Subject Schedule 

217 Mitchell: MW 10AM-11:30AM, MWF 11:30AM-1PM, F 10:30AM-1:30PM, T 9:30AM-4PM, R 9:30AM-3PM
186 Centennial Place: SunMTW 7PM-9PM

Anatomy and Physiology I & II 
217 Mitchell: MW 10AM-11:30AM, T 9:30AM-11AM/12:30PM-4PM, R 9:30AM-11AM/2:30PM-4PM, F 9:30AM-11AM/3PM-4:30PM
186 Centennial Place: M 7PM-9PM

Physics/Calculus Based
217 Mitchell: TR 10AM-12:30PM, F 10:30AM-1:30PM
186 Centennial Place: TW 7PM-9PM

Pre-Nursing (Nutrition, A&P, Microbiology)
217 Mitchell: T 12:30PM-2PM, R 2:30PM-4PM, F 3PM-4:30PM

186 Centennial Place: TW 7PM-9PM

US History
207 Mitchell: MTWRF 11AM-3PM

World History
207 Mitchell: MTWRF 8AM-4PM

207 Mitchell: MTWRF 8AM-4PM

207 Mitchell: TWR 2:30PM-4PM

Criminal Justice
207 Mitchell: MWF 11AM-3PM, TR 9:30AM-3PM

207 Mitchell: TR 9:30AM-11AM
186 Centennial Place: TW 7PM-9PM

207 Mitchell: TWR 2:30PM-4PM

207 Mitchell: MTWRF 8AM-4PM

217 Mitchell: TR 1PM-3PM
186 Centennial Place: TW 7PM-9PM

207 Mitchell: MWF 11:30AM-1PM, TR 11:30AM-1PM, TWR 2:30PM-4PM
186 Centennial Place: SunT 7PM-9PM

207 Mitchell: TWR 2:30PM-4PM

207 Mitchell: MTWRF 8AM-4PM

207 Mitchell: TWR 2:30PM-4PM

207 Mitchell: TWR 2:30PM-4PM