ESP Workshops for All U of M Students

Each Workshop focuses on a specific academic issue which can help participants get better in areas such as studying, reading, writing, memory, test-preparation, test-taking, and more. Workshops are open to all enrolled UofM students.  For more information about our workshops, call 901.678.2704 or email.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Get Better ESP Workshops. Schedule subject to change. Watch this site for updates or email esp@memphis.edu.

Student Success Workshop Schedule
October 24-November 24
Time: M T W R 3:30PM-4:15PM 
Location: M W Mitchell 317 and T R Mitchell 315

October 24 and 25: Managing your Study Time                                           

October 26 and 27: Taking Notes from Lectures and Reading

October 31 and November 1: Predicting Test/Exam Questions

November 2 and 3: Preparing for Tests/Exams

November 7 and 8: Test Taking Tips

November 9 and 10: Counting Down to Exams

November 14 and 15: Studying to Finish the Semester Stronger

November 16 and 17: Predicting Test/Exam Questions

November 21 and 22: Test Taking Tips

November 28 and 29: Ready for Tests/Final Exams