Executive Committee

Standing Authority
The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the President Elect, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian and two additional members elected at-large from the Senate. No more than two members of the Executive Committee may be from the same college. The duties of The Executive Committee are:

  1. To determine if there is a matter of such urgency as to require immediate Faculty Senate action and having done so, to call a special meeting of the Faculty Senate. Members of the Executive Committee may represent the Senate at official and unofficial functions, but they may not, either individually or collectively, take action on behalf of the Senate;
  2. To meet at least five work days in advance of regular Senate meetings for the purpose of preparing an agenda. A copy of the agenda shall be sent to each member of the Senate at least three working days before the Senate convenes.

The Senate establishes committees to study and make reports on matters of concern to the University Faculty. Committees created by the Senate are committees of the Senate, receive their authority from the Senate, and shall report to the Senate. Senate committees shall not act independently of the Senate, and reports from these committees shall be presented to the Senate for consideration. Simple reports or progress reports may be made verbally, but any committee recommendations must be presented in writing. Committee work shall be done as a body and not by action of the Chair, either alone or following consultation with individual members of the committee. Actions taken shall be those of the committee as a whole representing a majority vote. The chair shall be elected from and by the members of that committee unless the chair is specified in the motion creating a special committee. The committee chair shall provide notice of meetings to each member of the committee and shall keep a record of those in attendance to be forwarded to the Senate office at the conclusion of each committee meeting.

The issuance of a minority report from a committee member or members shall be considered a right and shall follow the committee report before any action is taken on the committee report or its recommendations.

Committee Reports
The following executive committee reports were accepted by the Senate with a majority vote:

AY 2020-21

The information presented on this page should be considered a guide and does not supersede or replace policies and procedures outlined in the Faculty Senate Articles of Authority