Faculty Senate Appointed Representatives on External Standing Committees

The Faculty Senate is asked to appoint representatives to serve on a number of administrative committees. To ensure effective representation of University of Memphis faculty views, faculty who are approved by the senate to serve as faculty representatives are expected to (a) attend meetings of the committee to which they are appointed, (b) when possible, notify and seek the advice of the senate before voting on major committee issues, and (c) submit brief summary reports to the office of the senate following committee meetings so that all faculty can be informed of committee activities.

In acknowledgement of these duties, each faculty representative completes an Agreement to Serve as Faculty Representative form.

Senate-appointed faculty representatives currently serve on the following administrative committees.

Office of the President

President's Council
Dr. DeAnna Owens-Mosby (2023 – 2025)

Office of the Provost


Division of Business and Finance


Office of the Institutional Equity

Information Technology Division


Office of the Faculty Senate


Division of the Research and Innovation