Standing Committees and Ad hoc Committees

The Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate  are mandated by the Faculty Senate Constitution and all committee members are senators.

Executive Committee
  • Jeffrey G. Marchetta, Faculty Senate President
  • Jill Dapremont, Faculty Senate President-elect
  • Jeff Thieme, Secretary
  • Mark Sunderman, Parliamentarian
  • William Travis, Member-At-Large
  • Leigh Falls Holman, Member-At-Large
  • Thomas E. Banning, Past President
Committee on Committees
  • Melissa J. McLean, Chair
  • Daryn Zubke
  • Esra Ozdenerol
  • Deanna Owens-Mosby
  • Brennan Berg
Academic Policies Committee
  • Denis D. Grélé, Chair
  • Scott Marler
  • Hal Freeman
  • Brian Janz
Academic Support Committee
  • Michael Vicente Perez, Chair
  • Coriana Close
  • Michail Gkolias
  • Jennifer Thompson
Faculty Policies Committee
  • Eugene H Buder, Chair
  • Steven D. Schwartzbach
  • Jeni Loftus
  • Curt Schuletheis
  • Esra Ozdenerol
  • Stephen J. Watts
  • Stephen Nelson
Research Policies Committee
  • David M. Gray, Chair
  • Sanjay R. Mishra
  • Erno Lindner
  • Kris-Stella Trump
  • Reza Banai
  • Mohammed Yeasin
Administrative Policies Committee
  • Theodore Burkey, Chair
  • Stephanie Huette
  • Melissa Hirschi
  • Sajjan Shiva
Library Policies
  • David Goodman, Chair
  • Gerald Chaudron
  • Francis Fabian
  • Scott Sundvall
Budget and Finance
  • Zabihollah Rezaee, Chair
  • Holly Lau
  • Máté Wierdl
  • Alena Allen
  • Fawaz Mzayek

The ad hoc Committees of the Faculty Senate are committees established by the Faculty Senate on an as-needed basis and committee members can be either senators or other members of the faculty.

Ad hoc Committees
Faculty Grievance
Tenure & Promotion Appeals Committee